I acquired Upmostly (React JS Tutorial Website): The Plan and Looking for Help!

My team and I acquire, grow and sell digital assets, primarily content-based websites. We have successfully "flipped" 175 websites to date since 2008.

We acquired Upmostly.com. This site was created by a passionate dev covering various tutorials on React JS. The site receives approximately 1.8 million visitors per year from all over the world! It definitely has helped a TON of developers get started.

Why did we buy it?

  • Excellent content: the tutorials are well written and defensible from copycats
  • High-traffic: "Content is king" but traffic is the queen; they go hand in hand. Traffic allows us to monetize, reach a wider audience, and set up partnerships
  • Opportunities to help the indie hacker community: having a blog about development helps us help you. It's full circle.

What are the plans for growth:

  • Feature Indie Hackers: if you are a React JS expert and have a tutorial to share, reach out. We want to feature your content, promote your services (consulting, or your business). It's mutually beneficial.

  • Feature bootstrapped React JS-based SaaS companies: if you have a bootstrapped business, we want to feature how you got started, pitfalls, etc.

  • Cover the SaaS acquisition space: if you purchase a SaaS business, we want to cover it on the blog

Our Ask:

  1. We are looking for passionate developers to help us write content. Please reach out for next steps!

  2. We are looking to promote your products/services/etc. If you have something that fits the site's topic, please reach out! Let's talk

We are very excited to have purchased this amazing website. We are looking to really grow this business over the next 12+ months.

Please leave a comment or reach out to hello @ upmostly.com to discuss opportunities!

Check out Upmostly.com

  1. 1

    My team and I acquire, grow and sell digital assets, primarily content-based websites. We have successfully "flipped" 175 websites to date since 2008.

    I'd love to know how many people -- and in what roles -- that team is. One engineer? Two? How many technical writers? How many marketers?

    1. 1

      We use a pool of contractors. No one on constant payroll except the founders.

      We have a team of freelancer writers in various expertise, a team of VAs to handle the day to day, graphic designer, and one dev.

      A lean team.

      1. 2

        I'm not going to lie: that's a bit squick. Why 'flip' these sites and not build up a stable of (presumably profitable-to-run) sites and an in-house team of writers, designers, etc to keep 'em fresh and full of content?

        You're soliciting (paid, presumably?) contributors to Upmostly, but the fact that you don't have the conviction to keep it -- that any contributors would just be contributing to your flipping it to a future owner -- certainly turns me off the idea of writing for you. I doubt that I'm alone in that, too.

        I mean, no disrespect: I couldn't revitalise a site like that, and my hat's off to you if you and your freelance team can. But doing it just to flip it...eh, you're basically the private equity of Indie Hackers. Which is profitable, to be fair!

        1. 1

          I get where you are coming from. We dont flip all of our sites. We have a porfolio of sites we keep.

          Whenever we buy, we always are positioned for a sale. Not necessarily that we always sell.

          Whenever we sell, we sell to someone that will continue growing that asset. Cant guarantee that but its obvious when we talk to the buyer.

          So in short, we plan to keep this one for the long haul. We want to hire good devs who want to share their experiences.

  2. 1

    Very good acquisition.

    May I ask you to share more information about the process of acquiring Upomostly? Did you go through a platform like Flippa/MicroAcquire?

    Was Upomostly generating revenue already? If so, how?

    I saw that the tutorials are in the form of text, and not videos.

    Would you have acquired Upmoslty if the content was in the videos format (with the voice/face of the previous owner?)

    Congratulations! Wish you the best and I'd be interested to see how it turns out

    1. 1

      We use Flippa to source deal flow.

      Our expertise is written content. We would not have bought it if it was videos.

      1. 1

        Interesting! Thank you :)

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