Learning to Code October 8, 2020

I added my face into my recent YT video 😮 (push and pop in js)

Alan Montgomery @alanmontgomery

My 4th video! I took it as a chance to add my camera, my face into this video, and i think i'll do this going forward. I think it makes it more personal and easier to understand.

This video is explaining the push and pop array methods in JavaScript!

Please let me know what you think!

Push and Pop array methods in Javascript tutorial

Appreciate it!

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    Good move, it's definitely more personal.

    A lot of tutorial videos "hide" behind their screencast. Having a good camera presence is the best way to stand out and build a relationship with viewers.

    I'm working on some JS videos, too, and I'm trying to figure out the right balance between talking to the camera and showing my screen. I'm learning how to make the most of OBS to compose the video live instead of having to edit the video later.

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      Appreciate the feedback and support. Yeah, I use OBS completely apart from putting a couple of different shots together. Most of my audio is all pre as well apart from a post output gain

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    I just watched your videos and thought i'd try to give some feedback...mainly because I too am getting into video content creation so I'll try to enumerate whatever I liked and what didn't work for me.

    Great stuff

    1. Congratulations on getting your face in the video. It does make the video much more relatable and establishes you as a "brand", something worth remembering.

    2. The pacing on the video is nice and easy.

    3. Apart from having you in front of the camera, the main difference from the other videos I watched is that the audio used to mono, as in I could hear you on the left earpiece of my headphones before while with the newest video, the sound seems to be in stereo.

    4. The audio is clear and crisp. I think it was Zoom which discovered that audio quality has quite an impact on how people relate to an video.

    Improvement areas

    1. After you said "pop method" and "push method" in the 15-16th second, you played some background music to introduce yourself to the audience and provide a transition - I felt that that interlude ended a little abruptly. I had taken that interlude to catch up on some other content on a different tab when it ended and you started speaking again. My point is that this video does not keep natural cadence of a usual YT video.

    2. You make some very important points about the methods you are explaining but it's all verbal. It might be useful to also present the key takeaways as graphics on the screen.

    For your upcoming videos, it would be nice to have you reveal a bit about your personality by using some voice modulation, maybe make a joke of some sort.

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      Absolutely amazing feedback... Thank you so much! I'm taking all of this into consideration for my next one 😀

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    Lookin' good! Love your graphics, as well.

    What's your goal with your YouTube channel?

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      Thanks so much! Just used canva to create them 🙂

      The goal at the moment is literally just to get videos out there and try to help people. I'd love to hit 100 subscribers at this point, I think that's my "number" goal..

      Obviously if a video blew up and I gained traction it'd be great but right now for now I'm happy creating content and sharing knowledge.

      I'm planning on covering ReactJS next!

      Do you think the video has improved from the last few? And what's your thoughts on including my camera in the bottom right? And the little intro at the start? Does it add any value?

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        I think you got some good feedback on that from MeansNoWaaris :-)

        I don't have a strong opinion on whether or not to have your face in the bottom right. It's probably valuable if you are aiming at creating a personal brand that can extend into other topics some day? The most important things to me are (i) good sound that I can understand without effort (I'm highly auditory), (ii) good pacing, (iii) a logical presentation that walks me through understanding the topic.

        Videos are like stories. You'll never make everybody happy :-) Who's your target viewer (experienced dev learning JS? total coding newb? etc.)? That might help me assess what works/doesn't work from my viewpoint.

        Overall, I think your videos are (i) easy to listen to and watch, (ii) well-paced, and (iii) logical :-)

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          Brilliant feedback which I'm very grateful for 🤗

          I'm glad they are easy to listen and watch, that's one of the things I was worried about so thank you for confirming that 🔥💥

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    Nice work! I just did the same with my youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmIDPGT9SjjziPWeIN9iFrA) , the lighting looks great!

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