I also launched Wicked blocks on Reddit, and the stats are also here.

Hello Indie Hackers!

So to my surprise, the Wicked Blocks were greatly and widely accepted!

Let's have a look where I posted and how did it go.

On r/sideprojects 422upvotes

On r/tailwindcss 38 and 35 upvotes

On r/css 48 upovtes

On r/reactjs 276 upvotes

On r/reactjs 276 upvotes

On r/web_programming 10 upvotes

As you can see some of the posts are pretty upvoted others not,...but many gave like appreciations and that's even cooler.

Here are some traffic stats.




And these are the users since the 20th

What other things came from here?

  • 2 jobs offer. but I haven't heard back, so I guess it was all the excitement.
  • On Reddit, especially r/reactjs are amazing people, I felt incredibly welcome. And they were really helpful as on r/sideproject.
  • I can make things that devs and designers like, and it makes me happy.

You may think I got traffic to my paid project, no I did not have that much, in fact, there is only 1 link on the site, on the bottom.

have a great day!

  1. 3

    "I did not have that much [traffic to my paid project]"

    To me this is showing that there is interest in your free project, and a number might be interested in paid version of the free content. That's exactly what I did with SVGBG, added a paid version after the free version got interest. The product was literally more of the same, and people pay for more content. In the beginning 30 free backgrounds, 30 paid backgrounds.... and people paid. Over time I built it up to 50 free and 150 paid to make it more valuable. Now I'm working on other projects... but there is a chance if everything else fails... I will go back to SVGBG and build that up further.

    1. 3

      I have seen SVGBG getting all those changes because I used it since the first days I was learning web development. In fact, look at Wickedtemplates.com hero...

      I agree, that works very well, on that day I had 158 visitors 1 sale of 29.99...

      Impatient to see what you will do. I could imagine something like the Tailwind Ui but for your backgrounds.

      look an example, this guy has been doing gradients and they were all free, now there is a premium one.

      1. 1

        Pretty sure I talked Jordan, the dev behind gradient magic about monetization. Can't find that post. Hmm. Interesting that you bring his site up :)

        1. 1


          I brought him up because I have some of his gradients on colorsandfonts and I have to remove them for the new redesign. He has a paid product now so...

          Didn't knew he was here

  2. 2

    Impressive progress Michael 👏 👏

    1. 1

      Cheers Ranjan!! 🙌 🙌

  3. 2

    Good job Michael! Good grinding!

  4. 2

    Great results @Michael_Andreuzza!! I am big fan of your tools.

    Btw; if I post anything to /sideprojects or any other subreddit I am getting instant 0. Have you tried to post anything paid and what helped you to get upvotes?

    P.S.: on color and fonts is year 2020 on the bottom.

    1. 1


      I did, when I posted the first version of Wicked Templates on that subreddit an went sort of fine. just 10 upvotes.


      Yeah, I am redesigning colors and fonts actually.
      A sneak peek. i still don't know how is going to look...


      1. 1

        Thanks, nice. This is what I meant. Free things are working well for marketing purposes. But the premium stuff won't get that interesting traction.

        You can try /internetisbeautiful


        1. 1

          Yes, premium stuff won't get as much appreciation because there might be someone else building the stuff as you, or similar, "advertising" on reddit, is a no no.

          is that subreddit for devs? thanks for the tip!

          1. 2

            @ckissi put the icons there (he even wrote a post on IH) and I put 3D HANDZ and I got some traction.

            1. 1

              fair enough. I could try next week.

  5. 2

    Ha, funny, saw your post on r/sideproject and literally the next thing I see is this post on IH 😄

    Great project, posts and stats btw! Keep it going.

    1. 1

      Voi voi, Kato! or see du bara!

      The world is tiny Timo,right?

      I am glad you like, thanks a lot.

  6. 2

    👏👏 Thank you for sharing, Congratulations :D Did you post at random times of the day or identified specific times where traffic was potentially going to be higher ?

    1. 2

      Actually, I do not look at the times to share or launch I just put it out and will see what happens,...this time they were there.

      I guess it has be depending on how helpful is what you shared...

      1. 1

        Good to know, what other plans do you have for gaining more users ? if it's in your plans

        1. 2

          I am open sourcing right now and filling up the repo.

          All, I want is that people find it useful, no matter if is 50 user or 5000, while it helps I am happy.

          My biggest goal is to expose myself and maybe find space for me working in tech.

          1. 1

            I like your spirit Michael ! Let me now when it's on GitHub, I would love to have a look :)

              1. 1

                I'll have a look :)

  7. 2

    Wow, that looks amazing. Lovely collection, big fan of tailwind. Bookmarked it for future use, and also thanks for sharing your experience on launching on reddit. Definitely useful. Keep it up 👏

    1. 2

      Thank you Boris!

      I am glad you like them I am making them open-source in this very moment. And will add more features.

      Also, thank you for your word!

  8. 2

    Awesome job Mike? What analytics tool do you use? It looks pretty slick!

    1. 5

      thank you bryden!

      I am self hosting Umami.


      1. 1

        Cool - thanks for the resource!

        (It's spelled "Brayden" btw 😂😅)

        1. 1

          Sorry man,always the same mistake.... you welcome!

          1. 1

            Haha 😂 no worries at all

            Best of wishes to this cool website!

            Since they are free, have you open sourced it on GitHub?

            1. 1

              I am actually in this very moment working on it, to be exact I am opening the contributing.md to fill it up.


              You are very welcome.

              Thank you, Brayden.

              1. 1

                Cool! Thanks for your great work.

  9. 1

    What's the trick with r/sideproject? I posted my project on hacker news and got 700+ votes, on sideproject I was promptly ignored :( Other subreddits too, I can't figure out reddit!

    1. 2

      I don't know man, I guess just do something that they like.

      In my case, I built a tool for devs, most of them there are devs...

      1. 1

        I thought the same was true of Hacker News thought? Mine is a visual programming language/game, devs tend to like it a lot. I'm not trying to brag, but people really loved the project over there, I think I was top result on ShowHN for a day or so. Maybe I posted at a wrong time on siteproject or in the wrong format or something, I'll try again, thanks man.

        1. 1

          well, I don't why then. Do you have a link to that? Would love to see it.

          For example, on hacker news I never get upvoted, only once I was...

          1. 1

            Sure here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24934722

            "on hacker news I never get upvoted, only once I was"

            I guess there's an element of luck to this too, I remember I read somewhere that if you don't get upvoted on hacker news, you should modify your title and post again next day, maybe sideproject is the same.

            1. 1

              that's very likely what it is...

  10. 1

    impressive work Michael!

    1. 1

      Hey Fajar!
      Thanks a lot mate.

  11. 1

    These stats are amazing. Did you do anything to push the upvotes on r/SideProject?

    1. 1

      Yeah, I built Wicked Blocks, that's how pushed the upvotes. They liked it, they found it useful, they thanked me...

      This are short results compared to when I shared colorsandfonts.com

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