Growth November 14, 2020

I am 12 users short of 100 me reach my goal


Hi guys,
I launched at the beginning of this month... I have so far gotten about 88 users as I write this post...

I have goal of reaching 100 users by the end of this week.....

Help me make this a reality...

Thank you...

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    Introducing a referral and partnerships system will go a long way. It will help you borrow other people's audience and get them to use your product.

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      I don't have the budget for it right now ....

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        I have just launched If you are keen, I can add a link on TechConf and you do the same for me on your side? I am also trying to get traction on my end.

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    Nice! Just three things in account page

    1. Rename "User Name" to "Username". We are used to seeing that spelling for username, I was a bit puzzling for a few seconds not sure what exactly that field is asking for.

    2. If a user registers with Gmail, use the person's email, name and profile picture from Gmail.

    3. Maybe redirect to a readonly version of the form after clicking "Save Changes" button? At the moment its the success popup then it just stays on the page

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      Thanks for the feedback....anyone reading the comment above ...upvote it if you agree.....

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