May 13, 2019

I am a non-technical person and I need some help

Alex Gotoi @alexgotoi

Hi IHs, I am Alex from Bucharest and I want to start a site similar to for my industry, Human Resources.

The maximum tech expertise I have is to install wordpress, add some plugins and that's it.

Can anyone help me with a theme recommendation/any other product to accommodate my needs (see below):

  • one page listing of summaries (no need for infinite scroll);
  • side bar (to add newsletter subscribe box);
  • I think that's all I need.

Thanks in advance for you help!

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    Hey, this is simple enough that it could be knocked out in an afternoon, if you've got a theme picked out I'd be happy to do this, no charge.

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      Hey, thanks a lot for your help. How can I contact you?

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        Send me an email, it's in my profile

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    Wordpress with a premium theme is one option + maybe some plugins. ( is the second option (they'll even give you a simple CRM to manage your customers).

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      I played a little with tilda, is a great tool, but still not providing all I need. Thanks for suggesting it!

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    How about thrive theme and its extensions? Get mailchimp connected and things should be fairly simple from there.

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      I will take a look. Thanks a lot!

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    Have you tried website builders like wix/squarespace?

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      Haven't tried, will give a shot in a demo environment. Thanks for your suggestion!

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    Would be happy to do it for you and provide you with free lifetime hosting.

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