April 1, 2019

I am actually wondering.... ( you know the answer ?)

Stefan Wuthrich @altafino

...if there is any service out there, which connects sales people, which have projects with freelancers. I know there are freelancer portals like sand at the beach... but I talk about sales people with network of potential customers which want to resell developers on provision base. Anybody knows about ?

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    Not that I know of. I have done hunt what you kill sells and I found the folks making the product on Linkedin. I do not think there are many communities for Sales Mercenaries.

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      Thanks Cloye
      Came to same result with a short google session.
      But could be, that I searched for wrong terms.
      For me as a Full-Stack Dev or Remote CTO it would be interesting to have real sales partners, which sell my services for provision. That's different approach then the crowded upworks etc out there with very bad paying for good quality.

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        I have been a 20% my whole sales career and I haven't ever looked on Upwork. I think it is hard to find people that are good quality in Sales because most get pretty jaded quickly and their networks give them opportunities. I got really tired of doing 100k per Q for SAAS companies here in the bay and getting 1,000 commission on that so I found different startups that were willing to give %25 and let me work remotely. As well as getting passed up for promotions with larger companies that were given to men with half my sales numbers. I rarely now find things to sell that aren't already people I know in my existing network. I think sales is rapidly changing from the past where you could do wolf of wall street type stuff to inbound marketing funnels. I personally won't work with any company that isn't doing inbound marketing funnels but yeah sales is a hard problem to solve and good luck with finding a good quality salesperson.

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    Don't understand your question? what 'projects'? What do the sales people bring? What are you looking for? Like a specific example?

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      Hi Josh
      what 'projects'?

      • software development
        What do the sales people bring?
      • customers with software projects