I am looking for a cheaper Typeform alternative

I want to:

  • create user surveys by sending the form to the users (I don't need embedding it on my website).
  • have conditional logic questions (if user answered A, go to question 15...)
  • something that looks nice and only shows user 1 question at the time.

Preferably something with a free plan (I literally want to send out survey to less than 20 users), I am ok with paying coffee money, preferably per survey, not full blown yearly plan or anything like that.


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    Checkout https://paperform.co (bootstrapped since 2016 by my wife and I 👢)

    ✅ Super easy to use (like writing a doc)
    ✅ Fine control over theming
    ✅ Conditional logic
    ✅ One-at-a-time typeform style forms available (look up guided mode), as well as one page, of paginated forms
    ✅ Can do way more than just make forms (e.g. payments, subscriptions, live calculations, scheduling with your Google Calendar)
    ✅ Real, trained product experts available on live chat
    ✅ So much more but I could go on all day...

    Also, way cheaper than Typeform's paid plans and a full featured, unrestricted 14 day free trial.

    Oh and you can import your Typeforms here -> https://paperform.co/typeform-alternative/

    Monthly plans start at $15/month (or $150/year).

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    I love Google Forms and use that for my user surveys. Free, clean & does the job.

    Typeform looks pretty, but the one-by-one question can be off-putting. As many users don't have time, and scroll to the bottom first to see how many questions there actually are before answering.

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      Oh, that's interesting. I did not think about that.

      Do you use conditional logic a lot in your forms?

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        Nope. I've never used conditional logic. I aim to keep a survey that's answerable within 30 seconds. I literally time my surveys :D

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          Yeah, I got the same advice today from someone else.

          I definitely will simplify my surveys.

          Then google forms will be more then enough. :)

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    We recently launched the beta version of Tally, a new form builder that lets you create forms for free without limits. Would love to hear your thoughts on it!


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    I have simple question: are the data contained with you forms answers sensitive?
    Would you care for a form system where only you could access the data and stats? (meaning the provider is only here for infrastructure and ease of use)

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    It may not only show one question at a time, but Airtable.com allows you to make pretty smooth surveys/forms and has conditional logic.

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      Thanks I will check it out!

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      I think it's time to checkout jotform, I hear about it for a 2nd or 3rd time!


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    A bit late to the party here, but I'd love to share a product I've been working on for the past 16 months called QuestionScout. Sounds like you would be a great fit for the free plan, but if you decide to use it more the paid plans start at €1.00/mo :).

    I believe it ticks all of the boxes you're looking for, as you can create surveys you can simply email over to people, use conditional logic to hide/show fields or skip logic to skip to a specific page and use the conversational format to only display a single question at a time.

    Looking forward to your thoughts!

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      Hey, this looks promising, definitely will check that out!

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        Sounds great! If there's anything else I can help with, feel free to get in touch with me through IndieHackers or by getting in touch with me or one of our team members using the Intercom bubble. Good luck in your search!

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    Would you like to try BlockSurvey? https://blocksurvey.io. I'm continuing to build this far the last 10 months and just launched it.

    It has conditional logic and one question at a time view. There is a 7 day free trial and you don't have to pay after trial as the your created surveys will remain open.

    If you like it, support here https://www.buymeacoffee.com/FzhrPL8.

    1. 1

      Hey, thanks a lot!

      I will check it out definitely and if I like it / actually use it, I will support it 100%!

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    You looked at formlets.com,
    does it not fit your requirements ?

    for conditional logic you need a payed plan, but send me a message when you are up to it and ill make you a nice price.


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    Google Forms does everything except show one question at a time. There is JotForm as an option though I only used their trial before.

    After looking at a lot of forms trying to avoid paying for TypeForm, the simple fact is that it the nicest. If you only need it once, the free trial should be enough to get what you need done.

    1. 1

      Unfortunately TypeForm free trial does not allow to publish form with lots of conditionals and lots of questions.

      Google forms is an option, but obviously I want to avoid it's "yuck" factor ;)

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