Building in Public November 18, 2020

I am not a charity. Are you?

Wouter Dijkstra @woutertoday

You know how some clients just always seem to want to pay less?

Made this really quickly to get my mind off of the usual business. And to make a point.

I am not a charity. You pay for quality or you find someone else.


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      Feel free to change your website and invoice templates accordingly! JK 😂

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    That's awesome! I feel like you'd get a lot of love posting this on I think I'd like if it'd better encompass people asking for things for free where your current copy seems geared more to people asking why things are so expensive. But still really like it!

    P.S. I feel like you should include a banner ad at the bottom to make a little money off this with a link above it saying "Why am I seeing ads?" that if clicked leads to

    1. 2

      This is the best 😂 Will take another look at my copy and maybe post the link to /r/choosingbeggars!

      Adding advertisements would be the ultimate inception. Ads all over the place. I like it.

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      Another bump: The /r/choosingbeggars mods are not happy with me. Doesn't comply with their rules, ha!

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      Just a quick bump: Added advertisement inception on and [dutch]

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      Feel free to put the link on your pricing page 🤗

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    I like the domain name. Props :)

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    Love this! Bookmarked for future use :D

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      Have fun! Let me know how people respond ;)

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    There’s an annoying typo where you have capitalised an h in “This” so it reads “THis”.

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    Cool! Just tweeted this with my name.

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    I agree. This was one of my 22 list of things with 22 years old that made me grow:

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      For sure. Value is a valuable thing!

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