Ideas and Validation January 25, 2021

I am start to think that the problem I am trying solve does not exist.

Rabii Luena @rbluena

21st of January I launched my MVP to validate my idea. But the way it goes, it seems like the problem that I aimed at is either does not exist or the problem itself is not a serious problem for the majority.

The problem:
I was imagining content creators and initially I was thinking of Youtubers. As a youtuber, you are going to the field to film a youtube video, among the participants are strangers and they would love to see themselves later on once the final video is uploaded on YouTube. A Youtuber or content creator can create/reserve a link from out platform and share with the participants or audience at the field.
Once the video is published on youtube, the link to the uploaded video can be mapped to the original link created on our platform. Think of this as just having a link to the content that is not yet published but will be published soon.

So I decided to expand the possibility to other content creators like writers and music creators. The idea was to make them able to attract users and create awareness to their content prior to the publish of the content.

I have reached few content creators on Instagram and presenting both the problem and solution to them, but none of them responded to me.

I would love to hear you opinions and suggestions if any.

The website is

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    Hi Rabii,

    I don’t understand the initial problem and how you identified it. For me it’s more like an idea you had rather than a real pain point.

    Who will need this? The creator? The participants?

    Maybe you had something that can be interesting but you should talk with participants and content creator to see if there is some problem you can use to your project and redefine it.

    Or maybe the audience is not the good one.

    Keep digging and try to understand your audience and their needs.

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      Hi Julien!

      Simply I was creating a platform where users can create links for their future online content, content which are not online yet. You might be right, may be it was more of an idea rather than a problem people have.

      For the past 2 days I have been thinking of it in different dimensions, I may talk to different audiences and see if there is anything I can do about it.

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    I suspect that most YouTubers would rather tell people the name of the YouTube channel and get them to subscribe to the channel (to see the content when it's ready) rather then give them a third party link as you're suggesting.

    But don't be discouraged - you did a quick test and you learnt something. I suggest that you read a book called 'The Mom Test' ( to learn how to ask people about their problems and whether they actually want them solved.

    Whichever group of people you want to serve (whether YouTubers or anyone else), you want to get to know them and learn their real problems. Then you have a much higher chance of creating solutions that they need and will pay for.

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      You are right. There is a lot of advantages if they drive traffic directly to their own channel rather than third-part entity. I will try to see if there is a way I can tweak it later on.

      I might be wrong, but I like the idea of talking to people when something is already online. I prefer the approach of spending a week or two creating an MVP and talk to users while something is existing. Based on responses I can either ditched it or improve it server a different purpose.

      Thanks Andrew.

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    I am not always a fan of "the problem" or "the pain point". There isn't necessarily a problem that needs fixing - I believe people take this too literally.

    Things that we've never thought of before but now you mention it, yeah that could make things in my life 1) easier 2) more fun

    I would suggest reaching out to some more potential customers to get their input. Don't keep pushing forever, but I think you need some of those creators to get back to you. I've been there before where I've mothballed ideas but still have niggling thoughts "would people like it, oh I wish I'd got more validation".

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      I will try to reach more people and hear what that they have to say, I may find the niche that the app would fit for them. Thanks Steve.

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    Hi Rabii,

    It's an interesting idea. I totally get where you're coming from. I've seen people do this: they get into a random appearance in a video and are like: "hey, let me know when it's up!" The YouTube says, yes, I will but it never happens.

    If this is the premise, I'm not sure I see a real problem to be solved. I think your customer is the creator who is primarily interested in followers and views. How can your idea help them solve these problems?

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    Can't see a use for it, sorry.

    It looks like a two sided marketplace thing so you've got two sets of people to sell this too.

    Most YouTube etc videos will be many hours of filming => many hours of editing => few minutes of video.

    What viewer wants to see the half finished stuff when there are a zillion hours of polished material already available.

    What content creator wants to spend yet more time putting stuff out that will only be viewed by a tiny minority of fans and lead to tiny tiny additional revenue? They already have things like patreon for selling to their biggest fans and channel community posts for keeping in touch with fans in between videos.

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      First of all thanks for the feedback. But I feel like my explanation was not that clear I have just edited a bit.

      "What viewer wants to see the half finished stuff when there are a zillion hours of polished material already available."

      The link created on our platform will be mapped to the few minutes final upload on Youtube. From our platform it is just like reservation, you reserve a link for the content which is not uploaded on the internet. Once the upload is done and the link is mapped, users will receive notification about the upload and the link will redirect to Youtube video.

      See it as for future content.

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      This comment was deleted a month ago.

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