September 28, 2020

I analyzed the search behavior of thousands of SaaS buyers

Mike Sonders @mikesonders understand exactly what info they want when considering a SaaS purchase.

saas buyer consideration info

These are the top five highlights from what I learned:

  1. The most sought-after (and often 1st) piece of info sought by SaaS buyers is pricing -- by a large margin.

Have a pricing page! If you can't share exact pricing for some reason, try one of these alternative approaches (created by an acquaintance of mine):

  1. '[brand] alternatives' is the 2nd most-frequent search pattern.

It seems obvious to have a page on your website targeting '[your_brand] alternatives] positions your offering against your competitors.

But only 2 of the 50 biggest SaaS companies do this!


  1. SaaS buyers literally search for 'why [brand]'.

This is another under-leveraged opportunity.

Buyers want someone to spell out for them why they should spend money on your solution.

Make it easy for them!


  1. Security is a big concern for SaaS buyers. They want to know how you're going to protect them from loss and litigation.

They're even checking out your privacy policy and GDPR terms! (Keep those things up-to-date.)

  1. Your 'About Us' page matters.

Startups fail all the time. It’s not a secret.

Buyers want to know that the effort they put forth–convincing management, setting up and integrating your solution, convincing employees to use it–is going to be worth it in the long run.

Does your company have meaningful funding? Well-known investors? Is it profitable and self-sustaining? Does it have experienced leadership?

In your company’s About Us page, make sure you convey anything that can reassure buyers that the company is robust and set up to thrive.

I hope that's at least somewhat helpful to the folks here!

If you're interested, the full results are detailed here:

  1. 1

    I agree with 2), these are also highly qualified users ready to buy (they're aware of the problem, they know one or two solutions, and they're now looking for alternatives before signing up).

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