I built a Google Analytics dashboard 📈

I use GA for most my projects, and apart from the questionable ethics, I had a few qualms:

  • You can't view metrics for all your websites in one dashboard unless you do some hacky Google Data Studio stuff
  • The hundreds of buttons make my brain hurt. 4 clicks to check a metric? wtf?

Do you have the same problems with GA as me? If not, are there things about GA that also make your brain hurt?

I built my own dashboard these past few nights. Features currently include:

  1. Track all websites at once

  2. See basic stats like user count, page visits, referrers/sources

  3. Change time span

The larger plan I'm considering is to build something more similar to Snapboard, with dashboards for Stripe/mailchimp/etc.
But gotta scratch my own itch first! :)

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    Thanks for the post, good pain points from your own experience BUT the question:

    "Is this something you'd use?"

    is totally wrong.

    What you should be asking instead, is something like "when you last time used google analytics dashboard, what were the top 3 things that caused your brain to hurt". Then, if there are pain points, build from there.

    For me: setting up the analytics was the biggest problem, once I got it rolling the dashboard was fine.

    Hope this helps!

    1. 1

      LOL I just read the mom test which warns against exactly what I've done here 😅. Thanks for the reminder that I'm still in that validation stage. Editing the post now

      1. 1

        Nice, that was the hidden reference in my text ;) - Glad you figured it out, these kinds of "eureka" moments make you learn!

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    I am working on something similar. You connect your account with google, provide read access to Analytics API and we will generate a dashboard for you. More details on this post https://www.indiehackers.com/post/custom-dashboard-for-google-analytics-7b11f4c193

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    Couldn’t find a solution for this when i needed it! Good luck on the next step, i will follow ;)

    1. 1

      Which problem were you having?

      1. 1

        When working for an agency, i wanted an overview of all our client GA stats. They had very little idea about users on their client websites, so I wanted to show in one simple overview. Asked my intern to try Google data studio, but never got that up and running.

        1. 1

          We built a GDS integration with templates that does (almost all) the hard work of this...GDS can be tricky to get started with if you're not familiar. But once you get going it's so worth it.

          Especially when you can get it to pull through real-time data then it's a dream to have up on a dashboard or share as part of public building.

          I'd love any feedback or to know if you find it helpful!

        2. 1

          I could see how you'd want that overview. Do you know of anyone else (or agency) with this itch too?

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