I built a product I love but struggle to find product-market fit

Hey IH,

For the past few months, I worked on Tweet Butler which aims to help brands and creators to grow their audience by generating tweets leveraging GPT3.

The idea is to create more content similar to your previous tweets and therefore to stay authentic.

As a non-English speaker, it helps me a lot tweeting in English! Every day I do this:

  • go on the platform
  • input the topic I want to talk about
  • get tweet suggestions
  • pick one
  • edit it

... and boom!

However, I have difficulties getting people on the app and retaining them.

The app got a few subscribers and very good feedback on the generated content quality. So I feel the problem is elsewhere. Maybe UX?

How can I love so much using my platform and having so much difficulties growing it?

If you want to try it, here it is => tweetbutler.com

Thanks for your answers!

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    What have you done in terms of marketing since the launch?

    I haven't heard about Twitter Butler until now (although that doesn't mean anything) but after checking it out I will definitely add it to my list.

    1. 1

      Well, we didn't launch so the Marketing actions has been very limited.
      Any ideas how to start slowly to validate the product?

      1. 2

        I see. Maybe you can find some Twitter users who would need this the most and approach those directly.

        You mentioned brands and creators, which part of those groups could really need a tool like Twitter Butler? I would drill down like this until I know exactly where to look for the potential clients and then go ahead and ask them.

        1. 1

          My guess is that my target audience is not heavy Twitter users.

          I was thinking about people that feel the need of posting on Twitter for business purposes but don't really like to do it.

          And I have no idea where to find this people.

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            Positioning well is a crucial part of any startup and something I’m also in the process of figuring out for my own projects.

            If you want, let’s connect on Twitter and exchange some ideas.


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    That's a tough one. Do any of your clients have success stories they'd be willing to share. Highlighting case studies about how your clients were able to successfully use your app to grow their own business would be helpful too.

    ALl the best!

    1. 1

      Not really, I have very happy feedback but it's too soon for full success stories.

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        Positive testimonials can be a good thing. USe that to help get the word out.

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    That's weeiird because I really think it's a great idea. It's basically copy.ai for Twitter.

    Can you copy whatever copy.ai do?! That's not a joke, although it sounds like one.

    Have you had calls with all of your users? I'd send them all a Calendly link, fill up your week and hear what they have to say about what would make them share it, use it more, pay for it.

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      Thanks :)
      A feedback I got a lot is the product is too much a feature and not enough a full product.
      It would basically need to be able to do what Buffer does (scheduling tweets)

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        Hmm interesting

        To become more product-y, can you build a Chrome extension which links to your account and then magically fills your tweet posting box when you need inspiration?

        I'd personally love to try something like that

        1. 2

          That's interesting! I am building it and hope to launch it on PH soon
          Do you want to try it?
          I'll send you the link by Twitter DM

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            Amazing, thanks so much! Tried it out already and sent some notes

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