April 12, 2019

I built a toolbox for creators. How much does it suck?


Hey there!

My name is Michael and I'm a web developer from Germany.

Yesterday i launched a SaaS project which aims to be a toolbox for creators that should help them with their everyday issues. One tool for one specific issue.

First problem: I'm not a creator or influencer by myself. So i started building things i thought they may need. How do i verify that?

Second problem: I don't now where those really people meet online and exchange their experience. So how to make them aware of my project?

Third problem: After releasing i felt like i'm missing something like a killer-feature that make them stick to the project. How can i solve that? Is it just because i was really focussed on building and now after the first pressure is gone i realize that there is a bigger problem with the idea itself?

Do you guys experienced the same troubles? What did you do?

Would be nice to get some thoughts on this.

P.S.: Project is: https://creatorbox.io/

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    What was the reason that InfluencerDB started this under a new name? Do you really "do it yourself" or is InfluencerDB just behind it (see imprint)? As far as I know they make a lot of money, have a lot of employees and know exactly how the market works, or are you on your own with this project?

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      You are right. CreatorBox is a product by InfluencerDB but i planned and developed the project by myself. A nice side project. The target audience of CreatorBox totally differs from that one of InfluencerDB.

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    First off, great job on launching. Hopefully you don’t really think it sucks :-P! The site is very clean and well designed. My feedback is that I had a hard time understanding who a “creator” is. I feel like that term is used for a lot of types of jobs (developer, designer). When I looked at the tools, I realized that you are probably referring to content creators? On the home page your headline / subhead could be consolidated - “Why [do] you need CreatorBox? That's why you need CreatorBox” seemed circular. Maybe remove the subhead or give a quick overview of the 3 bullets? Overall seems like a strong set of tools, and they would be valuable for the right person. Maybe try connecting with local influencers. Buying them a coffee would be a great way to understand where they hang out online, what tools they use now, what their workflow is, and what other tools they need. I wouldn’t worry about the killer feature quite yet - you might already have built it! Good luck.

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      Hey Amanda! Thanks for your valuable feedback. I guess you are totally right with the creator / content creator thing. I will improve it and thing about the wording on the landing page in general again.

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    I like the idea, I think tools page is more compelling than the home page, like on the homepage I didn't really feel like I understood what you're actually offering.

    'Tools for creators' is a very open but also confusing heading for the homepage. Like I'm a creator and when I think of 'tools' I think of things like the Adobe Suite, or Sketch etc. You need to appeal to something else, like I actually think your tool sounds great, but it should be shouting from the rooftops about it being a tool to analyse your instagram post performs. e.g. 'Get detailed insights on your social media performance' with subtext like 'Our range of awesome tools will help to supercharge your online presence and learn more about your fellow creators too'.

    Not saying that's really great copywriting, but I think you get what I mean :)

    Great work so far though, it seems like a cool idea for a product that I can imagine people using. In terms of where to find creatives, naturally the best place to start will be on instagram itself - you can start engaging with creators on there - most will reply to DM's, even if they've got quite a lot of follows, as long as your post doesn't seem spammy or salesy.

    Good luck!

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      Hey Chris, thanks for reading and replying. I really appreciate that. I think you made some fair points. I guess i really need to get the right focus regarding what exactly i offer and who exactly is targeted.

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