I Built a WhatsApp Clone under 3h with Zero Code. Here's how...

Hey NoCoders,
I built a WhatsApp Clone in No-Code under 3h!

So I wanted to share the project with you as it is a great proof of concept showing the power of NoCode to build production-ready applications:

I have made a full-length live tutorial where I built the chat app from scratch:

You can test a live demo here:

And if you want to see the project inside the No-Code editor, use this link:

I'm excited to hear your impressions, if you have any questions about my process, let me know!

  1. 2

    This is great, love the UI designs

    1. 2

      I'm happy to hear that 😁 !

  2. 2

    Great work on Sktch.io, it looks powerful and simple to use. It definitely has potential.

  3. 2

    But the real question is, is Zuck listening in on my convos? 😏

  4. 2

    A lot to look through here

    1. 1

      sorry, too many links for such a simple project 😔

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