I built an AI product that has over 20K users (and $4K MRR) in 7 months. AMA!

In Feb this year we built and launched ContentBot.ai - one of the most exciting and interesting startups I've ever built. It allows founders and content marketers to write faster with the help of AI.

It was one of the products that was forged in an intense period where I was building a product nearly every two to three weeks. If I remember correctly, ContentBot was product number 9 in that marathon and gained traction early on - a very welcomed signal that I was searching for!

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about the ideation, building and marketing processes I use(d).

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    Hey 👋

    There seems to be a new one of these coming out once a month - all powered by GPT-3 it seems. What is it that makes one particular generator better than another?

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      Yeah it's a hot market at the moment. Lots going on!

      At the moment, it's a battle for all the tools to differentiate themselves (purely because integrating with OpenAI's GPT-3 is so easy). How one structures their prompts to the AI can produce low quality or high quality output but the real differentiating factors will be how these tools can cater to a few specific needs for a few specific audiences.

      We are focusing only on Founders and Content Marketers (more founders though) and adapting our process flows and features to that niche.

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        I see, so basically the model is fully baked and it’s just a matter of building the best “workflow”, for lack of a better term, to serve each specific niche and generate the best output. Essentially working around the old saying “garbage in/garbage out”.

        It’s fascinating to see so many similar tools popup in such a short period. I’ve often wondered what a real world indie app that uses AI as it’s killer feature might do, but the use cases seem thin (which is really weird).

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    What were your top channels for driving signups?

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      Initially, an internal email list of people weve sold other products to in the past. This got us to a few hundred MRR and validated the MVP.

      Later on we saw some good results with Twitter but now we are only focused on AdWords. Will soon start focusing on Twitter and other channels again in the near future.

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    What tech stack did you used for the AI? Thanks!!

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