No-Code March 16, 2020

I built my latest project exclusively with Webflow and I'm so incredibly impressed.

Thom Malone @blendful

I've been doing UI/UX design now for myself and other companies for 10+ years and have always hated the handoff process to developers. It's really hard to design something that gets implemented exactly the way you envision it. I've been working on a new side-project where I decided to try out Webflow myself and see if I could build what I envisioned for the product, and I was able to build it and ship it in under 10 days!

This has revolutionized the way I'm approaching building companies. #nocode is the way to go.

If you're interested in checking out the product, you can find it here

Ennie helps improve remote culture with co-founders and small teams through use of the Enneagram. It helps you understand each personality you're working with and how to get the most out of that relationship with actionable items like; how to email that person, how to convince them, what energizes them, what drains them, etc.

Any feedback is appreciated! :)

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    This rocks! I've used Webflow for several years now, and I don't think people quite understand the power and potential of it due to the steep learning curve compared to other visual website builders. I built using it.

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      This is a really beautiful site! Thanks for sharing @brettwill1025. I totally agree with you; once I understood the power and potential of Webflow and overcame the learning curve, i never want to go back to Sketch for Figma for building website (designs) again.

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    I'm also a UI/UX Designer and recently just started exploring it. The learning curve is not actually as steep as i thought.

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    Nice Thom, great example of how you can get the mvp shipped fast and test for product market fit. In your case, what were the top 3 features of webflow that made it such a great tool to use (other than layout)?

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      Thanks @blunicorn I totally agree, it's a quick-ship MVP to validate!

      In regards to Webflow, I was exploring it just as a landing page tool so I wouldn't have to code in HTML & CSS anymore or have to pay someone to do so, but then I started realizing the power of Webflow and everything I could do with it. So the most powerful for me was:

      1. Visually building through code - I know HTML & CSS but the ability to combine my skills of design with my basic knowledge of HTML & CSS helped me build a really beautiful site (and web app) very quickly

      2. Memberstack integration - With Memberstack + Webflow you can create a basic web app with user profiles. Amazing!

      3. Robust Tutorial Library - Pretty much anything I didn't know I would Google with "Webflow" and a video explainer would pop up, quickly help me solve the issue (1.5x speed) and work on the next thing.

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        Nice, I'm building a no code CMS at the moment and I've got functionality akin to Memberstack quite high up the list of built-in features, so that's good to know :)

        What are you using to make the enneagram surveys/output at the moment? Is that all in webflow too?

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          Share the CMS link, I'd love to see your project if it's live! In regards to the Enneagram survey's, right now I'm using Interact as a quiz builder but in the future it'll be one of the first things I build out for my own if the idea starts taking off.

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            I've DM'd you the link on twitter :) ...not quite ready for IH exposure...another 4 weeks probably!

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    The design looks clean and is easy to navigate -

    Just a small aside on some of the content you used:

    Do you have permission to use any of those celebrities images?

    Tread very lightly if you don't.

    Even the slightest possible inference that a prospect could assume those people are "promoting" or "use" your product is a HUGE FTC no-no.

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      @Lusiad yeah I totally agree with you, it's something I threw together quickly and plan on fixing in the future. I'm not really worried about anyone hitting me with a fine anytime soon while the website is still super small. I'll get images I can use in the future.

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    Looks nice

    • I would have the navbar fixed
    • Visitors rarely click on page, so replace the tabs
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      @volkandkaya thanks for the feedback, I've been super busy fixing a ton of bugs and issues, and I'm fairly certain I fixed the nav now haha

      I didn't know users rarely click on page, I'll have to look in to that more.

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    Did you started to promote it? Do you have a plan?

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      I haven't started to promote it just yet @Handler I have a couple more things I want to get done beforehand. There's a lot there right now I just need to add a few more helpful resources to bring value to the dashboard :)

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    This is amazing! We built fully on Webflow too :)

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      Wow - nice, very clean!
      How did you do the FAQ? I would love to use this on my website. Would you be willing to share? Thanks!

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      @Vinrob wow! That's a really beautiful looking site :)

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    Did you use a free or paid account

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      I started with free and then when I was ready to host I moved to paid :)

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    I don't understand how this is supposed to make a case for No-code, this is a rather static website with user protected pages. The functionality is basically a Google docs form.

    It's really hard to design something that gets implemented exactly the way you envision it

    Did you envision having the core of your product being an iframe with a Google Docs form? This sounds like a nightmare to maintain.

    1. Are all the answers sent to your Google account? That is a serious privacy concern.
    2. How do you filter what answers belong to which account?
    3. What happens if you add a new question, does that mean all participants must re-take the test?

    I'm not trying to bash your idea, but I think that your project would be miles better if it was done with code, instead of stitching it together with a website builder for the sake of it.

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      @FarouqAldori when I initially posted this, you're right; it was a relatively basic site, and still is to a large degree. It's an MVP and for people who design and don't code, this is a massive accomplishment for me.

      Sure, creating this app via React or something would be miles better but for people without a technical co-founder or coding expertise, I'm really proud of this and it helps me validate a concept before finding a technical co-founder who I want to work with because they can help, not because I'm at their mercy because I can't code myself.

      The test isn't done with Google Docs anymore, when I pushed that out it was and was one of the first items on my list to cross off, it's still not perfect but it's helping validate the MVP concept.

      I appreciate your questions and I don't think you intended to sound harsh but I do think you'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar. :)

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      I have a feeling you have not used Webflow by the ignorance of your knowledge of Webflow. Incredible sites are being made in Webflow and they are built the same way as your would with code but in a WYSIWYGI environment. The function and aesthetics all depends on the creativeness and know how of the designer.

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        I didn't mention Webflow once in my comment above. I'm pretty sure that Webflow is a nice tool, I'm merely questioning the no-code approach in this particular case.

        Incredible sites are being made in Webflow and they are built the same way as your would with code but in a WYSIWYGI environment

        That implies that any given project could be created with Webflow, which is simply false. Software development isn't only about building and shipping. There are other aspects that simply can't be replicated in a WYSIWYG editor, one of them is unit testing.

        The function and aesthetics all depends on the creativeness and know how of the designer.

        To a certain extent, you are correct. However, any advanced functionality implemented in a no-code fashion would probably be stitched together to just barely "work". The technical debt collected will not be worth the effort for any serious project.