Landing Page Feedback September 25, 2020

I built one of the ideas from Kevin Conti's newsletter. What do you think of my landing page?


I just completed the MVP of my latest side project, Rentify:

Rentify is aimed at owners of small rental stores who want to put their business online. It provides card payments through Stripe and full inventory and schedule management. Would be great to get some feedback on the landing page and application.

This is actually an idea taken from @Kevcon80's software ideas newsletter. I'm not really an ideas man myself, so this time round I'm just focused on the execution

Thanks for looking!

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    Got a bunch of scroll bars.

    Also would add an FAQ and footer.

    Is this for bike rentals only?

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      Not seeing the scroll bars - what browser are you on? Good point about FAQ and footer, will add. This is for any kind of small rental store, but I’m targeting small bike/ ski rental places as a niche. I’ll aim to make it more clear that you can use it for any type of rental store

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        You probably did overflow: scroll instead of overflow:auto. Default behavior on Mac is to hide it but not on other platforms.

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          This is quite possibly why I couldn't see it in my dev env (Mac chrome). The root cause was a weird oddity about VueJS and its v-scroll directive, which I am using to change the colors of the header bar as you scroll. The solution in the end was to apply y-overflow: none on the root html element.

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        On chrome.

        Niching down is fine, makes it much easier to market.

        How do you plan to execute?

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          First step is to identify small rental stores who don't provide the ability to book online (e.g. ones who just have a simple contact form to place orders or just say to email them). I've already identified a few places locally (I live in a fairly touristy part of the UK) that I'm going to start with.

          Will look into the scroll thing but I mostly develop in chrome and can't see it from a few different browsers. Will dig into it

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            Nice plan wish you the best and keep us updated :)

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    Hey Chris. You may know this already, but the site needs some mobile love. I'm sure the desktop version is fine, but I always browse IH from mobile.

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      Thanks, haven't really considered mobile layout in the landing page yet. Will take a quick look...

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        Just took a look at the desktop version. Looks good. It's simple and clean.

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          Thanks - mobile performance should now also be a lot better

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    You don't need screenhots - you have working demo. Push visitors to demo

    As a rule of thumb CTA (demo/sign up) should be first and last things user see.

    Describe your features with bullet points or text. Don't repeat yourself

    Gender filter. Seriously?

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      I'm targeting bike rental stores as a niche, the filters I am using are with that in mind (example: I may eventually make the labels user defined

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        If you apply "Women" filter you can see that it doesn't filter something. It's because there is no such thing as women bicycle:

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    Just white screen as of Mon Sep 28 16:30:55 EEST 2020

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      Fixed, thanks for the heads up

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      Thanks for the heads up, looks like a netlify problem

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    Hello Chris,
    good job, one small remark from me is that Vuejs only is not the best thing to use for landing page, it coould be the best for dashboard or sites that don't need to be indexed on search engines. you landing page is very hard to be indexed in search engines with vuejs since source code is not visible. I would recomment using an SSR like Nuxt.js or a static site generator like gridsome (both of them are made for Vue.js for these situations)

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    I'm on chrome on a macbook, everything works fine for me.

    Understood the concept from the header which is helpful. Also, the additional sections below helped. Maybe add the Stripe fees explicitly? That aside, sounds like a great idea from @Kevcon80!

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      Thanks - yep, the Stripe fees need to go in there too but I'm trying to decide how best to do this - the Stripe fees vary depending on what country you're in, so the best approach is probably to add a link to Stripe.

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    Nice one. I think Kevin talks about major players as well when he talks about ideas in a space.

    Any major players in this specific niche for rentals?

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      Rentle is the one that Kevin mentions and there are a few other similar sized players. But these platforms are probably too expensive for the small rental businesses I am targeting

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        Thankyou. Just saw Rentle and I can see it expensive for small businesses.

        Your product makes sense now. Keep all of us posted with your journey!!

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    On chrome by desktop I see two scrollbars

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      Somebody else mentioned this, I'm really unable to find it myself however and all my development was done on chrome. Still investigating...

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        I removed the class overflow-y-auto in the div with id="scroller" and it's removed the second scrollbar

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          Thanks - I did try that but for me that totally prevents scrolling altogether. I've adjusted the layout now and I'm hoping the problem should have gone away

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            Hi Chris,

            Heres an screenshot of the 2 scrollers -

            I highlighted the css that i think is the cause, after removing that the scroll returns to one.

            Love the idea by the way !

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              Most likely one is using a mac and the other one windows/linux. There was an article regarding scrollbars blindness ..... here!

            2. 1

              Thanks - I can see posts on stack overflow about this framework (vuetify) with similar sort of screenshots, but this is super tricky to debug as I'm really not able to repro personally. For what it's worth, I've made another tweak which might fix it, and that should be visible once the pipeline completes in about 10 minutes time

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                Yep, that looks fixed now! 😁

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                  Finally! thanks so much for your help with the debugging...

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            I opened it with private session and I see again the two scrollbars

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    Images don't scale properly on mobile devices

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      You’re right, will take a look at it later

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