Money March 15, 2020

I closed 5 sponsorships for Product Disrupt Newsletter in a month

Darshan Gajara @WeirdoWizard

Last month was a great month for Product Disrupt Newsletter. The number of subscribers grew to 2,338 and I was able to close 5 sponsorships for $900 in total.

This means that the newsletter is booked until the mid of Apr 2020 since it's a half-monthly newsletter (2 newsletters a month).

How did I make it happen?

  • 1 sponsorship came from an inquiry I received on LetterWell.
  • 2 sponsorships came from a company that had reached out to me via email asking for a feature post on the blog. Since I don't do feature posts, I offered them a newsletter sponsorship and it worked out well.
  • 2 sponsorships came from a friend who runs a creative stock website and has been following Product Disrupt's journey for quite a while.

I've been sending the newsletter for the past 2+ years and sharing the journey through blog posts, podcasts, speaker sessions and of course, social media. Creating valuable content and sharing the journey out in the open pays back. It definitely takes time and is difficult to measure but it works.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments and reach out on [email protected] if you're interested in sponsoring our newsletter.

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    Well done!

    How much are you charging per newsletter then? I'm in the newsletter game myself :)

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      Thanks @petecodes. I'm charging $220 for 1 newsletter and $400 for 2.

      Btw, I've listened to your podcast with @csallen. Your story of how you became a maker is quite inspiring.

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        wow, I need to charge more!

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        p.s. thanks! The podcast was a lot of fun :)

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    Well, this is motivating Mr. Gajara. I'm planning to enter the newsletter game, giving out free coding sessions and creating games. My question to you is, do you have any tips and tricks for newbies and how i can avoid the mistakes that i don't even know that I'm going to make when starting up my newsletter. Also, I have no audience.

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      Firstly, congrats on planning to start the newsletter. If you've found your niche and know where they hang out, you'll gradually find your audience by just interacting with these communities. It's a long game though. I only had about 1k subscribers for the first 2 years, it doubled by the third year. Growth can be exponential.

      However, I would encourage you to focus on creating quality content and making it consumable and shareable. You could start looking into some great newsletters out there and learn how they engage with their audience.

      I've listed a few good design newsletters over here,

      Hope you find this useful and wishing you luck :)

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        Thank you :D

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    Well done !

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    Nice. Interesting that 1 came from letterwell. What did you think of that service?

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      It's definitely hard to use and feels broken. But it brought me 3 inquiries just in a month, so I think it has already paid back the time I spent in listing the newsletter there.

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    Very cool to secure a sponsor. Congrats.

    Not always easy. Did they approach you or did you ask for consideration?

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      Thanks @mgates :)

      All 3 of them reached out to me via different mediums – LetterWell, Email & WhatsApp. 2 of them were instantly sold on the value and the pricing. Though it took some back and forth to convince the 3rd one.

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        Very cool. It'll keep you motivated and justifies your reason for doing it.

        I run a blog and managed to gain a few sponsors as well who keep it going for me. It definitely keeps me from losing interest.

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          I absolutely agree. Making a project self-sustainable is a great motivation to keep working on it. And congrats on finding the sponsors for your blog as well.

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    Great bro that's really motivating 😅
    Could you tell me which mail client you were using for newsletter & any tips for newbie

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      Thanks @Raunak978. I use Mailblast to send the newsletter. And you would find my learnings shared in earlier comments here.

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    Hey @WeirdoWizard we built if you could share would be great :)

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      Sorry, I won't be able to add it to the newsletter but I just tweeted about it here 👇

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        Thanks :)

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