I come to read on indie hackers not your site

I see quite a number of posts with nothing much but with a link asking us to go to their site and read the rest. Why? By doing that, you're not being a part of the community. I can trust indiehacker and know that my risk of malware/virus exposure is very low. Every additional site I go to is a distraction and a potential risk. If you're telling us to give feedback that's different, but if you have content to share, please cross post and put link to your site. If we like what we read, we might decide to visit and read more. But I know I'm not the only one who refuses to visit a random site.

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    IDK why @csallen removed it in mobile view but in desktop you can still see it's a "link post" by the url bellow and just skip them all
    I thought that reduced us clicking on all that spam but now in mobile I can't tell before clicking anymore

    (It's a special post type that's just a link, I hated them being added initially until I discovered skipping them was a better spam filter than anything else, due manual for the reader)

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      I'll probably add a bit more info back to the mobile view. I think I can fit in upvotes at least, and maybe external links vs native.

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