I create an simple MVP give me feedback

Hi guys,
I created a simple MVP. The landing page is fairly simple.Let me know what you think ??

It's basically typing test for coders with a emphasis on learning coding concepts.


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    Also, it is clear that this product has the intention of helping you to type faster and get used to some syntax.

    Would be nice to:

    • Signup (to be able to track my progress)
    • Add more languages and more code snippets ( Maybe randomly take snippets from stackoverflow answers or from public github repositories )
    • Show the progress, from X to Y words per minute in Z time. Or whatever you consider to be relevant.

    I would use your tool from time to time.

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      Wow, thanks for giving feedback on this project it's been more than 100 days since I made this...I put it on the back burner since it didn't get any traction...would like to get back to it ..

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    Nice idea, but I would really try to write code directly; so I could practice sintax. So .. is there a way to start from the first line of code?

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    When you tap Start random typing test and start typing, there's no live feedback (like words per minute). Also, I get a feeling that the user doesn't know what he/she will get at the end after spending a few minutes on it.

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      Wow, Thank you for taking the time to give a feedback ....I appreciate it a lot..I will work on these issues

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        You're welcome and good luck!

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    Are you tracking and grading the type speed of the examples you are given to your clientele?

    Why is it important to type faster if you are learning a new language?

    What are the benefits of typing faster in your language?

    What if your clientele is slow at typing in general?

    That's the first set of things that pop in my head when I review your site and expound on your idea.

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      I am displaying the results to client so they can improve themselves...I was thinking about tracking the speed and progress.

      If you are a beginner it can be beneficial to type code faster....furthermore it will increase your muscle memory... so you could focus on the problem at hand and be less annoyed by syntax errors which are bound to show up in plenty especially if your starting out.

      I expect the main audience to be slow at their typing speed... this is so they can improve on it..plus they can learn how coding concepts like Dynamic programming are implemented in various languages .

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    The type speed on the hero title is way too slow. It got me frustrated immediately having to wait for letters to appear.

    I don't get what this is. A collection of code snippets? How giving me code snippets is going to help me learn how to program? I was expecting something else entirely, like a coding platform where I can resolve coding challenges and the platform would grade me somehow.

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      Hi, thanks for the feedback.....I will speed it up ....There are many websites that allow you to resolve coding challenges..This is to help you improve your coding speed and also allow you to learn how a particular coding concept like Dynamic Programming is implemented in any language....If you know already then you can use it refresh your memory all the while learning to code faster....

      Did you attempt typing in the source code page ?? It is basically a typing test clone but with code......

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        hehe didn't know I was supposed to type anything :P I guess you just found a thing to improve upon.

        But again, I don't think blindly copying code from internet is going to help with understanding concepts. Maybe just improves speed, but so are regular typing-based games.

        Also, on the random test page that I got

        I don't see what purpose typing that big chunk of comment at the beginning of the page serves.

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          LOL...Thanks for the feedback man... Maybe the comment could be the warm up :P...I will try to simplify things..

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