I created a list of money making online projects

Hey IHers!

I built https://profithunt.co/ to keep a record of revenue-generating online projects that I found here and there. And yeah, some of them actually come from IH :)

The motivation was to help me study valid ideas that actually make money, and I wanted very easy straightforward idea descriptions, rather than vague titles that I found on many other sites.

Right now the site isn't getting much traffic, so any feedback would be really appreciated. So far I noticed that people usually like it on the first visit, but they don't revisit that much, and therefore after a promotion, the traffic usually leveled off soon.

Thanks and look forward to any suggestions :)

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    I like it that it shows a very simple list. There’s no need for useless stuff and fancy layout. Data is more important in this case. Good job!

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    Really cool, thanks for sharing!

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    thank you for sharing! have you considered turning this list into a weekly/monthly newsletter? maybe it could help to fix the traffic issue! good job!

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    Very cool, in addition to search maybe some additional filters: Business Model, Market/Industry, MRR slider or scale, could be useful as well.

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    Thank you for making this, it's a great resource. Just the other day I was looking around for something similar.

    As other people have mentioned already, search would be nice. Also filters and sorting on the columns would be awesome.

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    Very cool,
    Do you plan to have a search feature (i.e. 'hotel') which looks at name, address and description?

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    Good job! It would useful to have a filter by revenue. For example, revenue > $10K/mo

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    Useful, thanks for creating.

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    Is it your first site?
    I can relate with my first site (https://incomerankings.com) originating from a similar mindset, however the effort presented here is limited. If you like, we could collaborate in a way.
    Congratulations on the launch and best of luck ahead. :)

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