I created a minimalistic job board for wannahireme. give feedback please

Hi guys,
Wannahireme allows you to create a hire me button for your side projects and repositories.
I created a minimalist user focused job board for wannahireme.com.

Please give me your valuable feedback.

Checkout https://wannahireme.com/jobs


  1. 1

    I viewed your site on mobile and noticed some buttons and paddings are not fully responsive.

    Other than that, all good. Clean and straightforward!

    1. 1

      thnx will look into it...

  2. 1

    it's like LInktr.ee on steroids right?
    Make the sample page more prominent -

    1. 1

      Thanx you, did you check the job board.....

        1. 1

          give me any feedback...when you do...thanx in advance..

  3. 1

    This is awesome, I like the twist you made on BuymeaCoffee.com with the unique url etc. Keep it up.

    P.s. Is there a typo on your landing page?

    '...a simplest way...'

    1. 1

      OOps thank you, did you check the job board....

      1. 1

        Looks interesting but what makes your job board unique?

        1. 1

          Right now the only feature it offers is job curated according to users preference....

          So once the user saves his preference he will only see the jobs that match his preference on the job board instead of being bogged down by all the jobs in the category... this is offered by most job boards but I am looking to add a lot more features to make it more personalised ..

          If you have any feature you want me to add you can let me know ...

          1. 1

            This sounds interesting but I think your hire me button is powerful, atleast something I havent come across before. I can see it being useful to people that have personal websites (freelancers, consultants etc).

            You can build insights and data around this to improve their job search. Bring the job to them so they dont need to go looking. Maybe a web crawler that finds them jobs that meet their preference?

            Insights into the types of people that click their button?

            You could really go deep in that vertical!

            Just some ideas for you to consider. Of course, no obligations here. :D

            1. 1

              That's exactly what the job board does ...the hire me button I am having trouble marketing...right now it is mostly a boost I got from trending on product hunt and asking people directly on twitter ...but I can't figure out how to get more users...I tried posting on reddit forums like webdev but I don't have enough karma...even job board idea was so I can give people a better value proposition...I realised this after some feedback....

              1. 1

                That's always the difficult thing isn't it. Getting the word to the target market. Someone introduced me to this reddit bot called F5bot.com -> maybe you could use this to comment in relevant conversations?

                Also try different communities outside of tech - design communities / etsy etc something / some place you haven't explored yet.

                Use hunter.io to reach out via cold email. (this has been my best friend ahah)

                1. 2

                  Thnx for F5bot .....it looks really cool ..hunter.io I was aware of for a while especially their email templates...

                  1. 2

                    Check out syften.com as well for communities other than Reddit.

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