April 30, 2019

I Created a Telegram Group for IndieHackers, and IndieHackers.com!

Arav Narula @Aravnarula

I wanted to build a Place to talk about IndieHackers.com, and IndieHackers! Where Indie Hackers and Bussiness Can Talk about their Brand, Their Startup, Their Indie Journey and More!

Join, We're a Safe and Wonderful Communtiy : t.me/indieehackers

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    Isn’t that basically what this site does already...

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      Yes But for Outside convertsions and A Better Group, We have a offical member Already, a community Manger.

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    Nice work on this.

    A few ideas. Be sure to reach out to Courtland and Channing about the idea. Also be sure to call the group an "unofficial" fan group to be respectful of their brand.

    Good luck connecting with more talented Indie Hackers!

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      Thanks Dave :)

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