Landing Page Feedback November 24, 2020

👨‍💻 I created a website that archive all Googlers answers about SEO so you can easily share them back with your team or client.

Matthis @Matt08003

Hi everyone 🖖

I created a website that archive all Googlers tweets & answers about SEO in order to make life easier for SEOs and overall people interested in Search Engine Optimization: .

I would to know if you have any feedback and would like me to add some features?

I'm still working on the website so feedback is welcome 👍

Have a nice day and talk to you.

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    I LOVE THIS - how are you planning to monetize?

    1. 1

      Hi Orliesaurus,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      No plans to monetize, I just created the website to help 😉


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    The overall concept is good, but it probably needs to be worked on a bit to make it really useful and accessible.

    For the little I have seen by exploring 7-8 questions I noticed:

    • all answers I found were by John Muller - not good - where has Matt Cutts ended?

    • some answers are really too synthetic - they help very little

    • it would be nice to include more answers for each key topic

    • I would eliminate the "was this helpful Yes/No" widget - I don't think it is appropriate as the goal here is rather to collect, organize and present the best answers provided by the "experts"

    Hope it helps,


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      Hi Robin,

      Thanks a lot for the feedback, it helps a lot.

      I will work on the website this weekend in order to improve it.

      Have a nice day and talk to you soon.



      Ps: For info, Matt Cutts does not work at Google anymore ;-)

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        Hi again Robin,

        Would it be more helpful if after each Google tweet I explain the concept behind and the "why"?



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    So interessant ! 😍

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