Share Your Project August 1, 2020

I created an offline version of freeCodeCamp

Hieu Nguyen (Jack) @hieunc

Hey guys,

Yesterday, someone reached out to me and ask for learning HTML, CSS resources. I pointed him to freeCodeCamp. Though he doesn't always have internet access.

So I created an offline version of freeCodeCamp. With interactive challenges (let him practice, and check his code). It is fully in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (lightweight, cross-os, zero dependencies).

They are actually markdown files, with a small nodejs program to generate HTML files. I've managed to create the 10 lessons in the Basic HTML and HTML5: Responsive Web Design series.

Live demo: View out the live demo

Download: Basic HTML & HTML5: Responsive Web Design (lesson 1 - 10)

Feel free to share your feedback.

Samle lesson