I decided to sell my MVP

I really liked working on this one project, identified the niche and studied about the competitors, and the final product turned out to be pretty neat. But I cannot find time to develop this more (and also market it honestly) so I've decided to sell.


Any tips on is this the right time to sell, how to improve this or any other comments are welcome.

Interested buyers can read below:

What is included in the sale?
Source code: android app (java), firebase functions (javascript), firebase firestore (user data), firebase storage (user data), firebase authentication, firebase remote config.

What is required to keep the app operational?
The app is operational. Just take care of the firebase billing limits, nothing beyond that.

Why are you selling the app?
This has the potential of being a leader in its niche, specifically when you look at similar offerings in quiz making/examination category. I have to sell it due to lack of time since my other project is doing quite well and I believe this has the potential to become something great.

Are there any expenses for the app? If so, what are they?
No expenses

What marketing initiatives have been used for the app?
Google play search optimization, 750+ store listing visitors in last 30 days.

How can the future owner improve the app?
Proper marketing is all that is needed. The project is feature complete and can be monetized just as user growth kicks in.

If interested in buying, contact me at [email protected]

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    I think you should check flippa.com

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    Why have you placed the android screenshots in iPhone mockups 😅

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