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I do not know which way to choose.

I do not know where to start this post, the truth is that I'm working in a local company and I hate it. I think that any job that takes a workday could not support it

I've been thinking about learning to code for a long time but it's something I do not like. What maybe I really like is to create an idea and launch it but without the code this becomes complex, I think it would be the only reason why I would invest time and effort in learning to code, by the fact of being able to create my own projects.

I also think that I put obstacles to start learning to codify by the fact that with many people with whom I speak, they learned to code to work for another person and that is not for me.

Another recurring thought that crosses my mind is that I have nothing to offer, because with entering producthunt or other sites you see ideas with a lot of value that I would never have thought or realized, then who would pay for my idea?

In the end all I want is to build wealth to achieve my purposes.

This post has many nuances but I would simply like to take the habit of sharing in indiehackers everything that crosses my mind to be able to clear it and have some feedback

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    Hola Sergio,

    To be honest you sound kind of lost, and that is what makes your post so relatable (at least to me). I feel your pain.

    While coding is a great skill to have, there are plenty of options for non-technical folks. You can build some pretty good MVPs using tools listed for example on www.makerpad.co
    And regarding those ideas you see on Product Hunt, they are from people like you or me who found a problem and offered a solution to it in the form of a product.

    For me it was the excess of ideas that paralyzed me: I simply did not know where to start! I spent my days writing down 10 or 15 ideas for when "the right one" shows up. Luckily thanks to sites like IndieHackers or Product Hunt, I know ideas only matter if you execute.

    So start with a simple solution to a common problem you have (ask around to see if anyone else has that problem too, so you have like a mini-validation going on). Build something to solve that issue for you, and share with others. If it helps them too, you will feel more inclined to pursue a more robust, productized solution. And you will have your small MVP to back you up!

    Btw, PM me if you need any help on design-related stuff. Number 1 advantage: we both speak Spanish ;)

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