Productivity April 6, 2020

I found the perfect email app (and it is free)

Alexander Isora 🦄 @alexanderisora


I got my MacBook broken so I had to reinstall the whole system. I thought it is a good opportunity to review the software stack I use daily. I'm already digging VScode (previously IDEA) and iTerm (previously built-in IDEA terminal).

But what was the biggest surprise is an email client I've chosen.
For the record: I have 6 inboxes and I need to combine them into a single stream. Previously I used Mozilla Thunderbird, but it was kinda clumsy.

Now I started using default OSX mail client and I can't be happier with its clean UI and flexibility. And the most important, the native extra smooth experience.
Exactly what I needed!

So if you are looking for a solid email client, perhaps you already have it 😄

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    I’ve recently switched from the default OSX client to Spark, which has a much nicer UX, especially on mobile.

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      Same, love Spark! so great for multiple inboxes

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      Update: Spark works much smoother on OSX. I fell in love with it. Thanks!

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      I could not deal with their 30-60 sec initial lag when opening a new message :( Spark is heavenly beautiful but also slow to me.

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    It's not my favourite in the area of UI, but it's my best experience after testing Mail, Thunderbird, postbox, Airmail and many more: MailMate.

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    Two years using Spark both on Mac and iOS, I recommend it!

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      spark is awesome. On iOS too, it's great.

      I was using Superhuman for 6 months and then cancelled it and moved to Spark. It's much better.