July 20, 2019

I got blasted on hacker news for talking about Facebook pixel targeting. What do you think?

Alex Daro @AlexDaro


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    That's not blasted

    When you have to scroll through so many pages of similar responses that your finger gets tired, that's blasted.

    Or, doing the obligatory Crocodile Dundee, as an Aussie

    That's not a rant. This is a rant

    Tracking pixels are a very polarising issue. If you're going to publish content about using them, expect some people to get upset.

    Personally, I loathe ad retargeting because it does such a bad job - I never see ads for things I'd be interested in. I see ads all the time for stuff that

    • I have already bought, or

    • They don't have the size/shape/color I want so will continue to remind me what a pathetic supplier they are (eg: drawer handles)

    eg: Jetbrains - I've been a subscriber for years and have an automatic renewal on my account. I visit their support pages often enough that they could have somehow seeded them with an "anti-pixel" to pick up that I don't need ads. But, I see their ads everywhere.

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      It is kind of hilarious that I see Saatva mattress ads for next 3 months AFTER I have already purchased my bed. For the love of god how many mattresses does a man need!? 😂

      And yes, I know not “blasted” per se... I use a lot of hyperbole on the internet. It gets people to click 🤗

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    I noticed that technical people tend to hate Facebook ads (and advertising in general).

    By the way, there is no “building your pixel”. Optimization happens at the ad set level and every time you create a new campaign it starts from zero optimization.

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      Interesting, I didn’t know that. That’s good to know.

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    HN is a very privacy-positive crowd, this is to be expected.