Coronavirus June 1, 2020

I got laid off

Vivek Vardhan @MarketingBaba

It seems like COVID has finally caught me.

I was working in an agency and things were looking grim since the pandemic onset.

In March, I got a 50% salary deduction, In April 75% and at May end- I was told agency doesn't have money to pay me and I was being let go.

I was working 14-16 hours every day just so that I survive these times but alas!

The fickle nature of jobs has really forced me to consider my career ahead. Add other issues that come with having them. It is a bold step but I am done with jobs.

Fellow tribesmen and women, I am going the indie way.

If you have any advice, Do share.

Let the dream begin. 🙏


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    Start by building a following by blogging and social media on a subject you love. Then discover what is missing from the market. After that, build an MVP and let people use it.

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      Thanks Todd. Really appreciate your input.

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    Write write write, share share share, network network network. Take opportunities that come. Let people know you are available.

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      Thanks Gene. I often have been hesitant to share over the personal network, I think - the time is right to leverage my 1500+ friends from college and schools moving ahead.

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    Hang in there! Remember that some of the most successful companies in history were started during the 1930s Great Depression. All adversity can be turned into opportunity!

    Since you asked for advice, my advice would be "keep the machine working." In other words, concentrate on your health. I personally do: cardio, yoga, and meditation to keep my spirits up PLUS of course concentrate on helping your loved ones and friends.

    Go forth and conquer my friend! 2020 will be a kick butt year!

    Co-founder of CRUU, the best darned React development tool ever invented by humanity this week.

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      Finally found someone who believes in 2020 as well. :D

      I took a deliberate good week rest before even opening the laptop. Health always comes first.

      Thanks for your input Sae. Really appreciate them.

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    community first, product second!™

    i've got a post or two about that on my profile... lol.

    but, seriously... sorry to hear the bad news... but, we can make lemonade out of this!

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      Thanks John. Lemonade is prepared and is getting sold already. :D

      For me, the most difficult thing from here will be consistency.

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        let's get to it!

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      I can't help but always agree with @8bit on this!

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        i love being supportive of folks on this community... yo. it's the best!

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    If you're confident in your skillset, reach out! I'd love to talk to a good digital marketer!

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      Great, Sent you an email. Thanks!

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    Welcome aboard the indie train, Vivek. What are you working on?

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      Thank Anand. I have 3 side projects that I am currently working on.

      Looking to set up the website by tonight.

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        That's very cool. Wish you the best

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          Thanks again Anand. (:

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    Hi Vivek. Sorry to hear that you were let go, but glad to hear that you haven't let that deter you. I've learned that growing a business this way takes a significant amount of time. It may sound like common sense, but living frugally will extend your (savings) runway, which will enable you to work on the business longer. Best of luck!

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      Thanks. I agree on the time. Lately, I have realised working on own projects require so much discipline as well. The reason I say that is I have struggled so much with time management now that I don't have anyone to answer to.

      As for being frugal, With lockdown - Expenditure is already an all-time low. I expect till later this year, I should be sorted.

      Thanks for the comment again, Really appreciate it.

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    "A Star Shines Bright When Darkness Surround It"......Rumi

    Let your ability come out and hussle.

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      Thanks, man. I appreciate the positivity and depth.

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    I am sorry to hear this. Let me know if you are open to opportunities right now. I have a co-founder position I am recruiting for.

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    Sorry to hear about it. I wish you find the way that will make you money sooner!

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    I've read too many stories of people in this exact same position. I hope you can get back up and start kicking ass. We know you can! These types of stories solidify my stance on having multiple streams of independent income. The more you have, the less risk there is to simply losing it all. Check out if you're curious about building multiple streams of indie income. Side hustle SaaS is a great way to start, but there are a lot of other ways to make money.

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      Thanks, Yaro for the encouragement. I appreciate it.

      I absolutely agree with having multiple sources of income. This episode has given me this conviction to diversify myself moving ahead so that such events shock me less.

      I will check out the website. Thanks again. Cheers!

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    Sometimes it hurts and only in the future you realize that everything made sense. Congratulations on your decision to pursue your dream!

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    Sorry to hear that Vivek. I'd suggest you to start with a community as IH and also other communities where your potential clients/users hang out

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    It's a blessing in disguise. Good luck

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      I believe the same. Thanks, Nikhil. (:

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    Take your time to research a problem. The solution comes second.

    What problems did you have in your previous job?

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      I was already heading a marketing agency in my last job. So, I am going ahead with tried and tested with offering my services.

      Ideally, I want to move towards SaaS but those are future projects.

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    If you are short of money, then I'd consider first finding some freelance job just in order to get money first

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      Yeah, That is one of the pain points. I already have a few freelance gigs that I am doing on the side.

      But now I am looking forward to actively working on my own projects and have multiple sources of income.

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    Sorry, it was looking the same way for me a little bit ago... Sounds like you're keeping your head up! Best of luck with your next steps

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    What services are you offering? Any chance you might have ideas to grow and can execute on them? Also fine if you're not going to do consulting work but wondering if that was an option for you.

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      Awesome idea! I currently store these in Mac notes and was thinking there's got to be a better way

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        @Osakalover Thanks! If you're willing try it out, you can reach out to me anytime via email and I'll do my best to help you organize and store your personal scripts.

        1. 1

          Sure thing! Will let you know

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    So sorry to hear that. I'm also building my own product, with every day struggles. I'm writing down my thoughts. Reach out if you're interested and I'll provide a link. Don't want to seem like I'm blatantly promoting myself.

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    If you are interested in creating and selling digital products, I can help. Recently launched

    Let me know what you decides to do

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