I grew $3K to $50K in 3 months using my automated trading - looking for collaborators

I've been building a semi-automated (mix of human trades and algorithms) system that trades forex/futures and options. So far, I grew a real account from ~$3K to ~$50K in 3 months (that was on very aggressive settings - now, the growth rate is slower but still profitable on average and managing six figures).

I coded everything myself (node.js backend and real-time control dashboard) up to this point but as a self-taught programmer, it’s a bit hacked together and I'd like to partner up with an experienced fullstack dev / CTO and COO to scale the project more. Ideally they’ve worked on finance-related projects or have personal trading experience, but it's not 100% necessary.

My immediate goal is to diversify across more asset classes and add more strategies to hedge. I don't plan to take in outside capital or manage other people's money - the fund would just be accessible to the founding partners.

I have capital to hire someone part or full time but I’d really like to find committed partners (almost like cofounders) who can be very invested in the project and collectively grow it together over time.

Would anyone here be interested in working together? I obviously can't answer super specific questions but please email me if you're interested!

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    I hope you will find someone. This is very interesting.

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    Hey, I'm very interested to learn more, if you are still looking. 15 years experience full-stack development - mail and twitter on my profile.

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    I have sent you a message on Twitter but have not gotten a response ?

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    Hello 🙋, I just sent you a mail

  5. 1

    Sent you an email :)

  6. 1

    Dropping you a message, super interested!

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    Sounds interesting, Good Luck with this!!

    Just curious, is this based on momentum trading or something ?

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    Where can you be reached? It appears you email goes to nowhere..

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      Can you try again? I just tested and it works: expo [at] altmails [dot] com

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    Very interesting. I'm with you on the self-taught end of programming, with most of my experience being in growth/marketing. Would be very interested if you want some marketing help + a little dev help.

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    Will this work in a bear market? And why this can't work for crypto trading?

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    Just dropped you an email :)

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