I grew a 1000 people FB group in a week to generate qualified leads for my SAAS AMA


My SAAS, logike.io which does accounting automation targets French Lawyers. I grew a strong community of potential customers in under a week.

This method works particularly if your target customer is above 30 as facebook is the new yellow page !

Time is precious, so here's the method :

  1. Identify clearly your personas
  2. Join FB groups where your personas are. These groupes need to be related to your niche.
  3. Post about your brand new group whose goal is to help each other around a common problem. Most of the times, it will not be considered as self promotion as you sell anything at this stage
  4. If you can't join the FB group for some reasons, ask moderators to post about your group, in my case 10/10 times it worked.
  5. Don't sell anything in your post, you're building relationships at this stage.
  6. Repeat until you're out of groups to post.

If the pain point is really important for users, they will come

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    Fb groups has made me lots of zeros. Be wary though, because after this honey moon phase where engagement is high because people have just joined your group FB will tank your groups engagement. So you need to capture emails, or phone numbers or some other piece of real estate to talk to people.

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      Thank you for your strong advices Ryan! Currently trying to keep the group engaging as much as possible but I start to feel your remarks.

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    That is a nice idea, thanks for sharing. So you think a Group works much better than a page?

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      @realaisles - I believe it works better indeed. From my personal research, I found that Facebook's objective on pages is to make you spend as much as possible. Because of that, they reduced the organic reach of pages and you are force over time to display ads to foster your page growth.

      Therefore, FB groups from my perspective are great leverages because if you achieve a decent amount of members (like 1000) they will start engage on a regular basis. Since I achieved 1000, I did not animate the group but posts from members and invitations led the group to grow 0.20% to 0.7% every day for a month.

      Although it does not seem a lot, if you compound it's actually great considering that once there is engagement in your group, the organic reach is nice because FB will recommend the group to your target audience who are members to similar groups.

      I also notice that few successful bootstrapped SAAS like Lemlist have poor FB pages but phenomenal FB groups (15k plus for Lemlist). On the opposite, I notice that funded companies tend to have big FB pages (with lots of running ads) but inexistent or poor FB groups.

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        I am not sure what to do for my recipes blog. Basically I post excellent recipes from great chefs, like a curated list, and have a fb page, but thinking it might make more sense to make a group out of it.

        I do agree that FB wants to really milk pages... but on the other hand I am not sure how much time I would have in the future to moderate a group. Because you probably quickly get into the problem of random people posting shit links and ads?

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          You're right. If I were you, I will do the following :

          • achieve +1000 members on your group. Once you achieved that you have lots of organic posts so you don't have to animate the groupe anymore.
          • once you achieve these 1000 members, identify your super fan / most engaged members and make them moderators
          • if people are way to crazy with their posts, allow post to be published before acceptance of your or one of the moderators
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            Thanks Abelinga, I will think about it!

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    Hi @Abelinga I'm also new here and would like to learn a thing or two from you about SaaS, do you mind please?

    Sorry, my reply is out of point to the post, just leaning.

    1. 1

      Sure, please reach out on twitter https://twitter.com/ArnaudBelinga5 or ask your question directly in this thread !

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    Thanks for sharing =)

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