July 26, 2020

I grew 🙂 Friendly from zero to 💰$1,000 MRR in 94 days building ethical marketing tools: Here’s how I did it.

Stefan Vetter @StefanVetter
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    Great write up! I am just curious how your path of growth would look like if you didn't have the reach of potential customers through your agency, because right now as I understand you got the initial traction from this newsletter and existing customer base?

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      Thanks Mantas! And great question.

      My growth would certainly have taken longer without my existing network.

      Therefore I cannot recommend enough to invest in an audience as early as possible – ideally way before you launch your first product.

      I can highly recommend this course by @dvassallo on the topic. It refers to building an audience on Twitter, but is also applicable to any other channel (I'm sharing it because it is good, I don't get any commission on it).


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    You have built a product that fits your existing agency newsletter? More interestingly, how did you build your newsletter? That's the hard part.

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