I have followed Mubashar Iqbal to BitClout -What have I learned so far?

How did I start?

On 15.04. 2021. I listened to some old IH podcast from some Duch maker and he mentioned Mubashar's name as becoming the Internet's Most Prolific Maker. So I google his name. Also, I google the word "prolific" because I do not know what that meant. Ha, ha! I found an article where he states that he is all in on BitClout. So I followed him into the rabbit hole, out of pure curiosity.

Who Am I?

I'm not in the Crypto world, I'm just a mechanical engineer who designs HVAC (heating/ventilation/airconditioning/cooling) for people. I don't have social networks because I think that they are very addictive and make you feel bad about yourself. I don't have knowledge about blockchain, I don't have any cryptocurrencies. I have just started to learn html5, CSS, and JS. This site was recommended by my sister's boyfriend who works in Stripe.

How did I Set up?

After joining BitClout I set up two accounts @I_Am_God and @I_Am_JesusChrist (I'm so modest man I know, hahaha) just for fun to give blessings to the people. I didn't invest any money, BOT's gave me a little. So I'm there trying to figure out what to do, how to make people follow me, how to post. I'm new to these social networks, I'm like a dumb cow!:) I posted some messages and I didn't see them on the global feed. So I searched for what is going on. Tried to see what Mubashar is doing there... I even bought whoisda5id.com because he posted that maybe it could be a good idea. Ha, ha! I used it to practice how to code, so it isn't a bad investment. Thanks, Mubs!:)

Did I have warning signs?

So I stumble on some no-chest-haired kid (Mario Nawfal) claiming he is Serial Entrepreneur & Investor, big money men, that he will invest, bla, bla, bla... I followed his links and on his website, I saw a man who has a Balcan name and waiting to be paid out. I immediately thought this was a scam. That's maybe racist but I'm from Balcans!:) It turns out that my fellow from Balcan is ok and he did warn me to be extremely careful.

Did I search on these signs?

After that, I went on YouTube and searched for BitClout SCAM and found it on Coffezilla and Barnacules Nerdgasm Channels, that they are talking about it being a scam. So I tried to team up with Barnacules on BitClout to warn people that is a scam. I burned all my fake money on @I_Am_JesusChrist account and have a little on God's account.

Did I have a discovery?

The only social network that I have and rarely use is LinkedIn. On that site, I wrote the word BitClout and I found one man and one group. That man posted some content, which I think is possible evidence that BitClout is a scam. His name on Linkedin is UnDaoDu, Michael J. Trout , he has also BitClout @UnDaoDu. I think UnDaoDu has a lot of answers. I plan to learn more about him.

Did I had questions?

Some things about BitClout are not clear to me:

If they are decentralized - How they can have a DDoS attack. And I don't know what is DDoS.:)

How they stopped Barnacule's global posts, and we couldn't find him via search on the platform? He did buy my creator coin but he was not on my holder's list.

Do I have any conclusions?

I think that this BitClout will steal a lot of BitCOIN's from people and that BitCOIN is the real target in this story! BitClout is targeting people's worst basic instinct - GREED! And that's why they will steal a lot of BitCOIN.

Do I have a disclaimer warning?

If you've read this far, and I know you haven't, I want to tell you something that Americans like to say. :) I'm not a financial adviser and you shouldn't listen or read to my advice. And also DONT BUY MY COIN!!! Please, don't! I'm just a dumb mechanical engineer. Don't follow my advice!

Did I had fun writing this?

This is my first IH post and if nothing else at least I practiced typing in English. So, yes It was fun! The only downside is that today I didn't learn any JS, and my wife will be a little mad for wasting my time trying to save the world. Ha, ha, ha!

Links that Could help:

Barnacules Nerdgasm


Stay safe and healthy. Best regards!

Large-headed BOT over and out!:)

Am I Wrong about BitClout?
  1. YES, and you are dumb also!:)
  2. NO, but you're not very smart either!:)
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