Landing Page Feedback April 21, 2019

I have just finished my landing page...

Lach Mclean @LachlanMcLean

I have just finished my landing page and I'm looking for a tech partner to move forward.

My Event Profile has developed from an idea to a concept that I am looking to launch Q3 2019. I am looking for some technical support to come join this journey to create online events workspace.


I can contribute ideas, capital, marketing, strategy, 50/50 shared profits and a large network to test the product.

Any feedback/questions about the landing page please reach out.

Thanks, IH


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    Might be worth listening to the last two office hours from @csallen. They spoke a lot about content and community.

    Finding a tech cofounder will be difficult. However if you build an email list it will be a much easier sell.

    Also there is the no code movement going on, @TeaGuns has created a Discord server for it So you might be able to create a beta version by yourself.

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      Great point. I had planned to find a tech founder prior to building an email list only because I do have a big network within the industry.

      I will start t build my email list while on the lookout for a tech founder. Thanks

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      Thanks for the shoutout! The Discord is definitely a great place to come ask questions about building an initial prototype without writing code.

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        I agree with @volkandkaya

        Even if you didn't want to start with the email list first, I think you could build the actual product yourself with Webflow + Firebase or maybe Glide (

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          Thanks, guys. These all look like some great options I will give a go.

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    Just took a look for a brief moment - the header is a low res image, try finding a higher res one.

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    Would love to chat with you a bit more on your landing page as well as the real value prop for event organizers. I have been a part of a couple of startups within the events industry space and will be happy to share my learning and background. It’s a notoriously hard place to get funding so hopefully you are planning to bootstrap this endeavor.

    Also depending on the effort in creating the platform for the technical piece I might have suggestions or developers intros.

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      Hi Manish, I would love to organise a chat. I will send you a message. Thanks

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