Landing Page Feedback January 17, 2020

I have less than 1% of conversion rate. What is going on here?

Broda Noel @BrodaNoel

Hi everyone!
My stats say that only ~1 person of 200, clicks on the iOS or Android store button to download the app.
I used Hotjar in order to see how people interact with the landing page, and I just see them scrolling and closing the page (with no click on "DOWNLOAD").

The NoFilter landing page is:

Any feedback?
Why do you feel people are not interested in? Even considering that they land on this page from Instagram Ads which explains that this is an app that helps travelers & photographers to find good photo spots. The landing page explains the same thing (I guess), so, they should be interested.


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    The landing page is beautiful but my first thought is: Great, I could use this when I take my next trip [flips through calendar]. It's not immediately apparent on your page there are great spots for photos near, me, and I know there are. So it reads to me like a travel app which I download when I'm taking a trip, vs. an app I can use everyday to find great spots for photos where I am.

    Could you add some location detection and show a few of the spots near a visitor on the landing page? Some small personalization like that might be worth testing @BrodaNoel

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      I agree with tela. Right when I clicked your landing page, it looked more like which is just a photo sharing site to grow photographer audiences. Your niche seems like it's focused on finding cool destinations but it's not really clear.

      A good exercise to help identify the pain and niche you're serving is to do the following: We help (x) do (y) by providing / serving (z).

      We help people who want to travel (x) and take amazing pictures (y) by providing an app / database where they can see cool locations and travel destinations around them (z).

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        Really good point. I may be doing some changes in the landing during the weekend.

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      Hey, that's a good idea.

      I'm gonna try it.


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      That's a good suggestion and I think it would go a long way in fixing what I think is the main issue of the landing page: the focus is too broad.

      I don't think many people, even professional photographers, have a mental workflow that goes: 1) what are some beautiful spots in the world? 2) let's go there. I could be wrong, but I think the opposite is far likelier: 1) I'm somewhere in the world 2) what are the best spots within X miles that I should definitely shoot?

      My second objection to the value prop would be: how is that different from Google Maps? They already do that kind of stuff. It's really hard to justify having an app on my phone if the benefit isn't substantial compared to things I already have.

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        The difference with Google Maps and even with Instagram is that we serve you pre-curated photos. Google just shows ALL photos users upload. It doesn't matter if it is a restaurant or an ugly backyard. We only show the best photo spots.

        I'll add some examples in the landing page, so people can get a better understanding of that "curated" thing.

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    I have two related questions:

    1. For @BrodaNoel, what conversion rate would you need to make the Instagram Ads worthwhile?

    2. For the group, what range of conversion rates would be typical for a landing page like this?

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      Awesome question. I want to see those answers.

      There the answer to question 1: I have no idea. The app is free, so every single dollar I invest in it is just "wasted". There is not Return of Investment here (yet).

      Anyways, <1% on conversion rate seems to be a really wrong number.

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    This is pretty dope - I downloaded the app since I'm big into these kind of destinations!

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      I hope you enjoy it!

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    Quickest answer that came to mind is:

    Most people tend to be looking for filters to mask their unprofessional picture taking skills.

    Seems like the "nofilter" app name is not attracting enough and probably repelling visitors from clicking the download button.

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    I'll put my two cents in as well:

    1. Use some social proof. You already have some good ratings on the App Store and Google Play so show them for users, maybe near the buttons.

    2. I don't know your target audience well, but assume that they want not only to take great pictures, but feel good about it too. So show them people satisfied with their results (via video or photos).

    3. Change date in the footer — it feels like app is no longer supported.

    I wish you all the best with your app!

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      Thank you a lot for the feedback!

      Good catch the old footer year. Thanks!

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    I don't know what a healthy conversion rate is.

    After reading through the landing page it felt as if it was 'just another social app like Instagram'.

    I thinkbyou should doble down on what makes you app unique. I downloaded the app, I think the concept is brilliant that you can check out location of places with amazing pictures.

    That being said, I can see how this targets photographers and travellers alike. Photographers can locate these places they can go to to find so. Ething amazing to phtograph for example.

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      Good point.

      Definitely I have to change that "Amazing spots, amazing pictures" header for something more clear.

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    i would like to add on what others said :

    1- definitely change your headline 'Amazing spots. Amazing pictures' it doesn't describe what your app solves

    2- small video of 30 to 60s on top that explains how app works would be better maybe you can put it on autoplay instead of a gif and a picture there is no better method to explain what your product does than a video it doesn't have to be a really professional one you can use something with motion graphic hire someone from fiver to do it for you it would be really cheap

    3- you need to change the typography a little bit all your text is bold so it doesn't create any emotion while reading the text it feels like you are yelling at the readers and forcing them to read every bit of the text the solution would be letting headlines with bold and the text with normal font-weight and put the most important keywords with bold on your text

    4- the landing page is too small and simple if I was you I would add more content maybe of people using some FAQ showing how the app works with video and add icons demonstration some blog post of how the app is helping photographers to solve their problems and their pain

    5- adding a chatbot would be really helpful the traffic might have some questions you can preconfigure it one of the top chatbots are manychat where he can send a direct message to your facebook page and you could talk to if later and promote your app or any other product to it

    6- don't forget that you are talking to a very cold audience the 1% conversion is perfect to me for such an audience if you would like to convert more don't put directly your cta to them try to create more content promote to them make them feel that your app will solve their problems collect data and retarget them with this LP

    7- 'every single dollar I invest in it is just "wasted". There is not Return of Investment here (yet).'

    don't ever think that you are wasting money, you are having the data of a specific niche email phone number you can sell them what the F you want later [other product apps cameras] DATA IS KING

    Good luck with your app I hope that I helped if you have any questions problems with configuring your pixels trackers i would love to help

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      Man, thank you a lot for this review.

      1. Yeap, I'll change that headline for sure.

      2. Good idea about contracting someone on Fiverr. I will do for sure.

      3. That's a good point, but that change may have to wait a bit. That's something that may have to be done by a UI/UX, instead of just me (web dev)

      4. I'm gonna add some spots as an example, and maybe a "some spots nearby", so users can get a better understanding of what the app is gonna show them.

      5. Good idea about the pre-configure Q&A, but, honestly, I don't like chatbots at all. Anyways, I may have to test it in the future.

      Thanks again for your feedback!

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    To me it seems like the hero text isn't clear enough:

    Amazing spots.
    Amazing pictures.
    NoFilter helps you discover great photo spots all over the world for experiencing and capturing unique moments.

    How about shortening it all up to: "Discover places to take amazing photos!"

    I would also include a photo of a person taking a photo in an amazing place. First, we're hard-wired to pay attention to people and faces. Second, it's easier to imagine ourselves doing something when we see someone else doing it too. Maybe something like

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      Wow, really interesting point.

      Clearly I have to do some A/B testing and for sure this is gonna be one of the best one.

      Thank you for your feedback!

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    Make the animation in the app smooth. And it seems currently that I would need this app if I travel, I don’t travel so don’t need the app ;)

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      My idea is to create a video using the app, so, it's gonna be 100% better than the current version. I'll do it in a few days.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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    This is a GREAT landing page design. Don't change a thing with the layout. You can certainly play with the messaging though... even on a per-ad basis. For instance, your BIG hero headline "Amazing spots. Amazing pictures." leads me to believe this is a photo discovery tool, which isn't all that revolutionary or interesting. But as a photographer or photo enthusiast who travels often, this app could really appeal to me. A headline like "Amazing photo ops, everywhere." or "Wherever you go, get the shot." would spark my interest more. Cool concept. Best of luck!

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      Totally agree.

      I used the "Amazing spots. Amazing pictures" because it was kind of the slogan or something like that.

      It's not adding anything to the landing, so, I'll change it for sure.

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    Hi Broda,

    Good job getting your landing page and app out there.

    +1 on what others have said in the threads, focus on the problem you are solving. Photographers cannot find good locations to take stunning photographs, right?

    "Amazing Spots, Amazing Photos" while snappy, doesn't tell me how you solve that problem. Maybe try removing that snappy line and replacing it with something like "Find the best locations to capture stunning photographs"...maybe try A/B testing something a bit more problem-oriented as your main heading.

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      Thank you for your feedback! I'll change those headlines for sure.

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    I would suggest getting people to their "Aha" moment quicker. If you have a good enough database of spots already, can you build them a widget that will show them spots around their current location? Once they see a few, it should be very easy for them to grasp what are you doing and give your app a try. You can even put a "conversion wall" before exposing details of the spot.

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      What do you mean with "conversion wall"? Asking for downloading the app before showing the spot info?

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        Yes. that's what I mean. "Install app to see full info about spot"

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          Good point. I'll do it.

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    It may be that the traffic you are sending to the landing page isn’t high quality.

    What objective have you set up for your IG Ads campaign?

    If it's not conversion or app install, that may be the problem.

    The FB Ads algorithm tries to go out and find the cheapest people that will take your desired action. If you use a traffic objective, it will send you a lot of cheap traffic that 99% of the times won't convert.

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      Good point. I don't have the Facebook Pixel installed. I'll add it and focus on conversions.

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    The landing page looks great!

    The only thing I find a bit irritating is the low FPS on the gif showcasing the app. I would recommend replacing it with a smoother one that gives the impression the app feels snappy and fast to use.

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      Uhm... Good point. I'll speed it up a bit.