Community Building July 13, 2020

I have no clue what I'm doing. Help me. Please

Julian Moses @ju_moseby

Last night I started experimenting with Carrd & ended up with an MVP. I created a place for beach volleyball players to share their favorite places to play. I want to build a community for beach players to interact with each other and help find partners. Does anyone have any advice?

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    @ju_moseby I have created a sample page for you at SandCourts

    The page is completely dynamic and the data is coming from Google Sheets.

    If interested, let me know and we can connect and create a better one with relevant images and you can publish to your custom domain as well.

    Alternatively, if you are looking for a static site , as @gordon says you can try Landen or Versoly.

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      Thank you, I've been using airtable. Do you know if siteoly can integrate with that or if I can make the data look better using that?

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        At this moment,it works only with Google Sheets. If the data can be moved to Google Sheets, there are a lot of configurations available to design the site.

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    Looks like you are off to a great start @ju_moseby. Keep up the great work. You could create a place for your new community on Slack until you reach a point where it makes more sense to have a dedicated community platform. I recently wrote a post about 12 different community platforms you can use for your community needs. I think using Slack or a facebook group could be your best bet at the moment until you get more numbers involved.

    If you want a more sophisticated landing page, you could look at Landen or Versoly for building a nice website very quickly.

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      Awesome, thank you for the Slack group idea. Do you recommend it over Discord?
      And that article is really helpful. Definitely a few good resources for what I can make later.

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        You're welcome @ju_moseby. I think it is a personal preference on whether you want to use Slack or Discord. Glad you liked the article too!

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    Do exactly what you are doing. Keep moving forward incrementally. Next step for me would be to go where my customers are and share what I built. Maybe post in a Facebook group for Beach volleyball players?

    Great job on making moves!

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      Thanks! It's definitely scary. I have gotten a ton of people to get to the page and since I'm pretty deep in the scene a lot of people I know have shared & contributed. Based on the feedback there is a fair amount of interest
      I think I want to start building a more sophisticated system but have no clue if that's the right step and if it is I guess how to do it.

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        What are your goals? What feature/functionality would you like to add and what do you hope to gain by adding it?

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          Long term I want to create a place that Volleyball players can meet up in and find players of their level. There is this problem in Volleyball that it's tough for people to join new groups because the level of play varies so much, so like a measure of skill or a voucher of someones level would be really cool
          I decided to go the Slack group route.

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            Hey Julian, I have similar issue when moved to London and tried to find tennis players with my level. Easier than volleyball I guess, as I only need 1 person to play with.

            But, level is so subjective. I haven't found any website/app able to sort this problem out. I ended up using those websites, adding my level to match to, at least, similar level players. And from there, got on court with them.

            Overall, I'd say 60% of others were similar to my level.

            I think a quick video of players hitting the ball would be a great addition to compare levels.

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              That's interesting! I'm thinking about vouching system so someone else basically says what your games are like on a scale of I beat him down every time we play to we have great matches all the time through he kills me. That way if you know someone you can get a gauge of how good they are

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    You can use existing communities about sport, volleyball and beach volleyball. Like this one at Reddit:

    But, I'd try not to be promotional, instead you can create a list of best 10 places to play volleyball at X city and share there.

    I think the trick is you have some sort of user generated content in a crowd sourcing way use it to generate, your own content to distribute your community.

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      That's a really good idea. I like the idea of distributing more curated lists

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        You can also, share at local communities/publishers about the best places for playing volleyball at that place. ( I'm not sure whether that works or not)

        This strategy worked for a while for our project Jooseph which is a curated library, so we shared a lot of collections about different topics as a learning paths.

        Good luck for Sandcourts, I hope it works for you as well.

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    You could reach out to people in Facebook groups! And even create your own Facebook group.

    Slack is great for instant messaging, but most people don't use slack and probably never heard about it. This does not mean that you should not keep your slack channel up.

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      Creating a group would be a good way to go. I think I've already noticed that the slack group is a bit of a high barrier to entry, Facebook may be the way to go. Thank you

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    Cool niche you found here! Now get the word out and search for communities (you high likely will find some people on reddit) with that interest and ask them what else they might need and about what you can improve. They will come up with ideas and you already get the first community members as well

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    @ju_moseby Hello, fellow amateur volleyball player here. I've been passing with my friend, and I miss playing. Thanks for sharing.

    We recently launched a location-based community app. We would love to help you and our peers find the courts, partners, and resources needed to play. Would you be open to discussing how we can help?

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      Sure. I tried sending you an email but it bounced. Feel free to reach out, I'd like to learn more

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        My mistake. I was missing a character. I'll send you a messsage.

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    Cool idea, I play beach vball, and since I will be moving shortly, definitely will be searching for courts. Would be ideal if you could search by state, map, or by keyword.

    I would try to find Facebook groups for each state and ask where to play to build up initial db. Check meetups for various cities to find out pickup games as well. Good luck.

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      Right now its sorted by state and you can search by city.
      In the end I do want to have people be able to connect by city