November 8, 2019

I hooked up our Slack with Zapier to push energy 💪

Stefan Endress @internationalmagic

Hi. Just a quick one for inspiration and to push yourself and the team.

I hooked up Slack to Zapier to notify us on new mentions, messages and tweets from our social channels as well as an automated email subscription counter and traffic overview from our analytics. It's a bit addictive 🤤

It really get's the whole team excited and hyped up about the feedback and excitement from the users and people talking about it. A nice way to get your power levels up, especially after a longer period time of development.

It's also a nice way to automate your business … let's you respond really quickly and your a having kind of a birds eye view of what's going on. However be careful with your zaps on Zapier cause each multistep zaps can create a lot of actions which can become a bot pricey.

Happy Friday ✌🏻

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    Great way to remind us that there are real people out there who are interested in what we are building. Long may the notifications continue, as they are getting a bit additive 🙂