I just hit 1300+/day views of my blog

I don't know what is going on, but I had more than 1300 times views yesterday. 😱 Usually, I have 60-80 views per day.

Google analytics is saying that almost 1000 views were from a direct link. 😂 This growth is a real growth HACK. 😄

Article: https://www.albertwalicki.com/fall-in-love-with-single-div-images

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    I don't understand what happened here? You got 1000 clicks from a link on somebody else's site?

    Anything else we can learn from this?

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      Why so serious? ;) 1.1k clicks are from Source = Direct and medium = None in GA. I would like to learn something more from it

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    Congrats! Would be nice to update us on the learnings after you find out where the traffic comes from :) I wouldn't call it a growth hack though since it is not engineered.

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      Thank you. I know that was a joke :D

      Google Analytics tells me that 1k of visitors was 'direct/source= none'. It looks like all users combine my name and surname + random string which was my article title 😂

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        Maybe someone shared in a group chat type of community? Anyway, take it as a compliment and continue the good work!

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          Maybe :D But it must be a huge community. Also, I gain +4 subscribers to my newsletter.

          Thank you!

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    Nice blog. What is the stack for the blog itself? WP or something custom built?

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      I build it with Gatsby framework (https://www.gatsbyjs.com/). Articles are in MDX (markdown + react components)

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    awesome mate, keep at iti! :)

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    Congrats! Your hard work in putting these super-complex things together had to finally start getting noticed!

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    Good stuff- Please do a research and write the findings just in simple way (blog-post)- This kind of growth is what everyone is looking for you and its already working for you. You indeed have a story to tell us. Why?How it came about

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    You have been most likely featured in some newsletter.

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      Newsletters didn't appear in GA?

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    Have you checked the referral link on GA? If so, what was it? Have you learned any insights from the source?

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      I checked it, I have got ~150 views from the sidebar.io. Most of the visits (1,1k) have Source = Direct and medium = None. 😕

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        Nice one @Awalicki, I'd highly recommend you customise all the links you post in the different locations you post them using Google Tag Manager. I see you already have GTM running, so just do the implementation to shorten UTM parameters for each site you post your website link or article. I know it's so annoying to not know where traffic is coming from and that's exactly why I tag everything I post out in order to track the exact location I am getting traffic to my website then I know exactly what works, what doesn't or what needs some improvements from the marketing standpoint.

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          Hey! I used it to add GA. All external links I know ( for example, on my book page) have parameters, and I can count them.

          For example here https://glassmorphism.com
          I have added a link to my blog post: https://www.albertwalicki.com/glassmorphism-how-to-create?utm_source=glass&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=glass

          As someone else wrote in comments - it might be a newsletter :o

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    Is there documentation anywhere about those background layers? I had never heard of them and I can't seem to find anything about them anywhere. It looks really cool and super useful if it's well supported.

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      The only documentation might be this:

      CSS allows using multiple backgrounds in the same property, and that's all :D

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