🎉 I just hit 30 followers 🤠 here's what's worked for me

First of all I already thanked my Twitter followers (and thank you again)! 😄

Second let's get into it. I wanted to share what I've been doing to get me to this milestone. For someone who has just started really using Twitter going from 0 -> 30 followers has been an amazing feeling! I wanted to share the things I feel have made people want to follow me!

Honestly a lot of it is advice smart people here have already said, but I actually ended up putting into practice.

  1. Give what you want ( follow if you want to be followed )
  • Don't just follow a bunch of people, as it isn't useful. Follow people that interest you, and you feel like you'd like to interact with them. Then? Actually interact with them!
  1. Be genuine (be yourself)
  • In my experience it's never been fun trying to be or act like something you don't enjoy / aren't really. So be yourself. Everyone naturally attracts other people.
  1. Add value
  • This one has been said a bunch, and I've always thought it was a bit abstract. "Add Value" ok in essence I get it, but practically what does that mean? Well to me it means try, and be helpful as possible. Is someone asking a question or asking for help? Answer it! Did you learn something that's been helpful to you? Share it!
  1. Focus on the process not the result (most important for me)
  • Look getting followers is awesome, but in my opinion if it becomes your main goal then I think you've lost the plot of Twitter. Don't let getting followers become your goal, instead focus on the things and people you enjoy, and how you can be helpful 🤠

That's what worked for me! Hopefully some of it can be useful for you to!

Edit: Also, if you see posts like the below reply to them thoughtfully! It's a great way for people to figure out more about you, and your product!

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    Congrats! we should celebrate small wins more often! just give you a follow :D

  2. 1

    Small steps, but everything counts. It's hard out there. Good luck!

    1. 1

      Step by step is how it goes. After enough steps I’ll be somewhere 🤠

  3. 1

    Great post! I am having problems with sharing and providing value. Would love to hear more about how you do it...

    1. 2

      Hey I meant to get back to you earlier, but I was stuck in a 12 hour bus ride 🙃

      If you'd like specific examples I can pull some replys, and things I posted from Twitter. (in a response to this comment)

      Well first thing (I tend to do it so I want to mention it) don't over complicate things. You can literally add value in so many simple ways. Here's the most general one I can think of
      talk about things that have been helpful for you
      Here's an example

      • I did a customer interview, and realized I got nothing from it, because my product isn't really in the stage where customer interviews are super useful. I talked about that while I was building in public. People responded, and I had suggestions from the community. Boom value add.
        (bonus example I didn't do, but I think would be a good idea
      • I was learning more about Figma, and I figured out ways to boost my productivity. I could have have made gif, and talked about what I did and how it boosted my productivity so other people could see and copy it.)

      Also, value add doesn't always necessarily translate to followers. My view on it is if you cumulatively add value the followers will eventually come.

      As for how I do it: I literally just try to be active, engaged, and helpful with other people. Again, not concrete, but I hope it helps a bit. My advice is just go out and do it! Once you do it keep doing it. You'll find things that work for you. Take things from other people you like, and run with them.

      Hope this helps! 🤠

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        Thanks for your detailed and thoughtful reply. You just gained your 42nd follower on Twitter :)

    1. 1

      🤠 One step at a time

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    Congrats, you will hit 1k very soon

  5. 1

    And then suddenly you'll be at 1000. Keep it up 😁

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