March 14, 2019

I just launched a SaaS to help Open Source Maintainers Get Paid. Am I crazy?

Shawn Roos @shawnroos

Been watching from the outside for a few months but about 3 weeks ago I launched with @jasonadriaan which allows developers to charge people to access their code – open source and private repos supported.

We integrate with Stripe and Github and make the process seamless for buyers and sellers and we do it for free until the maintainers start making $50 a month revenue.

We started Gitstore because we believe developers should have the option to get paid for the work they put into any source code – open or private. And our research has suggested people are willing (keen even) to support developers.

Early days but we're hoping developers have as much faith in themselves as we do 😬

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    I've some questions about this:

    How does this work for already open-source projects? It's basically like a donation? For private repos, is access programmatically granted to subscribers? You talk about tagging releases to provides paying customers with updates, but how do they actually receive that code?

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      For OSS it would work like a donation, but a recurring monthly one, or a single payment.

      For private repos, we programmatically ensure that paying customers have valid private keys

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      Access is managed using read-only deploy keys to the repository. A user pays you and we make sure they have deploy keys for your repository. It can be a private or public repo sitting on Github.

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    I like the idea as well as the landing page, so I'll say that you are not crazy at all. :)

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      much appreciated :)

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    This already exists, it was funded by YCombinator this year. I can't remember the name, but you might search for it.

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      If you find it I’d love to see their model.