I just open sourced my Firebase + React + TypeScript reusable webapp template

I just open sourced my Firebase + React + TypeScript reusable webapp template. I use this template for quickly setting up new firebase webapps w/ email + google authentication. Helps me bootstrap new webapps super fast, so figured it might be a good resource for other react + firebase devs.

Github: https://github.com/BenBrewerBowman/firebase-react-typescript-project-template

Demo: https://frt-project-template.firebaseapp.com/

Has a few design choices out of the box (Material UI, react-use-object-state), but feel free to rip those out and replace with your own.

Currently it only offers email + google auth, but in the future I'm planning on adding Apple, Github, and Microsoft auth options.

I also might add some Stripe auth to it soon as well.

README.md will be improved this week and code will continue being cleaned up.

Feel free to fork, star, ask, or request. Also let me know if buggy, I just set it up for the first time.

Cheers homies,

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    sweet! taking a look!

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    How do you like Typescript over JavaScript for such type of (Lean) projects?

    1. 2

      After writing exclusively both JS + TS each for 2+ years I can say without a doubt that I don't think I can go back to writing JS ever again. I view TS as the best linter I could possibly have. Going back and migrating older projects from JS to TS, I have found hundreds of bugs that I never would found until they pop up for a user. Even seemingly small functions enjoy the same benefit. TS also manages all of your imports, so writing codes is much faster and refactors are a breeze.

      I used to view TS as "just another technology" to learn, and threw it on the pile along with a bunch of other tech tools that "I'll get around to learning" at some point. After learning it however, I would 100% recommend TS over JS for any size project as it has become indispensable. If you start writing TS I guarantee you will never go back.

  3. 2

    Thanks for sharing 😊

  4. 1

    Awesome job! Thank you ben.

  5. 1

    I hate Firebase with a passion

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