November 22, 2020

I just want to build.


Hey everyone!

I just very recently joined after discovering this amazing community and looking more into the solopreneur business!

Since joining, I've been looking through indie hackers at least once a day to see what everyone is up to and the community is just amazing. I've already learned so much and gained some great resources. I'm hoping to launch something soon and hope it will be helpful for all of you as well 😀.

But for my first post, I just want to talk about a question that was posted on here (not sure when, but I saw it while browsing). It was something along the lines of "Why do you want financial freedom?". My answer to that question is really simple.

I just want to build things. I've always been thinking of ideas and writing them down and hoping to work on them. I'll start something but won't see it through to the end :(. So for my current project, my MVP, I want to see it to the end and hope it can help me achieve financial freedom. I just want to build things whether they make me money or not. Most of my ideas aren't very financially profitable but they are fun projects and would be cool to make.

Thank you everyone for being such a great community!

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    Good luck with your product! I think there's no right or wrong. If you're building because it brings you joy, it's ok. I don't think we need to building everything focusing on money-first.

    If it's something you want to build it, why not? In terms of motivation to see a product built and published, why not start with the "minimal-tiny-product" you might think of?

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    Good luck with your journey. I guess this is the main goal for most of us. We would love to feel a bit of financial freedom and be less dependent on normal job, diversify the assets etc.

    I think that the main lesson for most of us right now is that the approach "build and they will come" is false right now. We need to build some connections, spend time on learning and sharing.

    It won't be easy, but we all believe that it's all worth it, just for the sake of the journey itself.

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    If you want to build things, the usual IH path might not be the right path.

    Most of a successful IHs time is taken up with support, sales and marketing.

    Why not build for someone else and get paid for it?

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      Ah sorry, I should have clarified. While I am the sole developer on this, I am working with a friend for sales and marketing. So I'm not completely alone.

      Plus I really would like to launch something that can make at least $2k in MRR but as it is my first MVP I don't think I'll get there immediately. Also just building something for myself and by myself is much more satisfying and just exciting!

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    Hey! I’m interested in building something. Want to bounce some ideas?

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