June 4, 2019

I launched a startup book club for entrepreneurs  📚

Callum Harrod @soluxos

Hey everyone!

I have just finished the first version of my startup book club, and I would love for any of you to join in and discuss the biweekly startup book.

The book that we're currently reading is 'The 1-page marketing plan" by Alan Dib. On IndieHackers a lot of you are looking for help with marketing and sales, so I thought it would be a great book to start with.

Going forward, I plan on improving the site with more features and building it around the community as it grows. I have some authors lined up to chat about their books with you, and hey, it gets you reading!

I'm also planning on regularly posting on the business side of this book club for those that would like to know more on the stats, outgoings, and learnings of the site.

Join us at bookerino.com

P.S. any feedback would be super helpful! :D

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    Any interest in reading The High Growth Handbook? If so, the powers that be at Stripe would love to donate 30-50 free copies!

    1. 1

      Yeah most definitely! I think it looks like a book that a lots of people could take some great actionable advice from, myself included. More than happy to feature that for the next book on the site!

      What's the best way to arrange everything? And thanks @csallen :D

      1. 1

        Just emailed you, sorry took a while

        1. 1

          Thanks so much @csallen, I've been super busy anyway! :)

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      This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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    This is great! Purchased the book and subscribed to the list :)

    1. 2

      Amazing @nosaj, can't wait to chat with you about it on the site! :)

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    Just signed up! What's the reading pace? You mentioned there would be a new book every two weeks -- does that mean each book is finished in two weeks?

    Would the discussion just be comments on the bookerino page for that book? Or will there be another format (e.g. slack, video call) to discuss?

    1. 1

      Amazing, thanks! The reading pace is 2 weeks per book. I'm going to show this a little clearer on the site soon (need to develop it yet). So yes each book is finished in two weeks, but I will keep older books available to comment on in case it's missed!

      For now it's just comments, but I am looking to potentially use something like Slack or Discord for general chat/discussions. If you have any preferences I'll take a look.

      I look forward to chatting to you on the site! :) @marz0

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    Great to see this up and running Callum. I've signed up and subscribed to the newsletter. Looking forward to discussing some books!

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      Thanks so much @mattts :D look forward to chatting with you on the site!

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    Lovely idea!

    If you’re looking for some books on entrepreneurship and hustle, I have a nice little list of books I put together on my site acontinuoushustle.com/books (sorry for the plug lol)

    I’ve read all of these books and have given them out to other entrepreneurs to read but have a few left. Will you be doing like a book trade where you facilitate the exchange or do we just go on and buy the books ourselves? How does it work?

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      Thanks! :)

      I've just had a look at the list and there are a lot of books there that I've either read, bought, or want to read! So thanks for the plug. I've actually just read the first book there Built to sell and it's an amazing book.

      I hadn't actually considered a book trade if I'm honest but I like the idea of people being able to trade books rather than buy. I'll have to add the idea to my backlog. For now you would have to buy the books yourself, but there's no reason not to comment and ask others if they want to trade on the site.

      Thanks for the comment @AContinuousHustle :D

      1. 1

        Built to sell is an amazing book - definitely a lot of value there for sure!

        Any time man. KIT!

        1. 1

          It was great, really useful, and really fun read!

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    I finished this book several months ago. Recently, when I started planning the marketing of my product I open it again to refresh its content in the memory and finally create a plan.
    To my disappointment, I found I can't use the book for it even taking into account its title. It's just a set of ideas for marketing but it doesn't help to create a real plan. I think the title is a little bit misleading.
    Overall, it's worth to buy and read this book.

    1. 1

      I'd heard good things about the book for those that want to start doing some marketing. It's a shame that the title is misleading though, as it does give the impression that it will guide you in creating a real plan.

      I'm glad the book is worthwhile otherwise!

      What're you reading at the moment? @Zencentric

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    Nice idea, love this.

  8. 2

    oh this is sweet! signed up and excited to start plowing through the books

    1. 2

      Thanks! :D @armouti, look forward to discussing the books with you!

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    Great idea, clean looking site 🙌

  10. 2

    Yay, so glad you launched :D

    Is there a timeframe involved?

    1. 1

      So am I haha!

      There will be a new book every two weeks if that's what you mean :D but you'll be able to go back to any of the past books in case you missed it!

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    Hey, just registered and you guys sent me my login and password in plaintext. Not cool

    1. 1

      That's sorted now Ivan, sorry, just WordPress being WordPress. Just to clarify, none of the passwords are visible to me, all passwords should be dealt with WordPress.

      1. 1

        it's ok, it happens. You might not have access to the passwords but they're probably stored in plaintext if WP could sent it back this way. I hope you hashed them.

    2. 1

      Hey Ivan, the site is built on WordPress so uses the default WordPress functionality, I'm trying to change that though, as I agree, super not cool. Really sorry... Let me buy the book for you as an apology?

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