I’m excited to offer 10 Free Introductory podcast service Offers

Hello Indie Hackers!

I’m excited to offer 10 FREE Introductory Offers from https://amplifymypodcast.com/ and will be most grateful to have your testimonials and reviews

Do you host a podcast or know someone who does?
I’m excited to announce that I have l recently launched the https://amplifymypodcast.com/ to help podcasters share their podcast with more people while allowing them to save more time and money.

Why Indiehackers?
I have learned a lot and have been inspired by this community

Get more people listening to your podcast! Amplify My Podcast allows you to turn your podcasts into ready-to-publish posts. Reach more listeners and keep your audience more engaged. We are the perfect match for podcasters who lack the bandwidth to create their own scalable content marketing strategy across channels in a few steps.

As I mentioned, we are giving away 10 Introductory Offers to podcast hosts (who have at least 20 published episodes) in exchange for testimonial reviews of our service.

Our Introductory Offer consists of…

2 Audiograms

Artwork of the show with a photo of a guest included

Artwork of a quote from the episode

Written Captions for social media

Why should you create Audiograms?
It’s an attention grabbing and edgy way to connect with your audience.
Potential new listeners and your existing audience feel like they have discovered something new and exciting!
Your listeners can easily share each audiogram with their friends and across social media.

Growing your podcast can often feel like a full-time job with the creation of each new episode.
It takes time to record, edit, and publish your podcast, while also creating unique content for your social media channels.

Create new content without creating at all! Allow our team to help you build a larger audience while keeping your listeners more engaged.
It's never been easier to repurpose and grow your podcast more quickly than it is with Amplify My Podcast!

DM me on twitter https://twitter.com/lyknoada99
if you are interested in this one-time opportunity.
Stay happy and healthy - Happy Podcasting!

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    congratulations on the launch 🚀

  2. 2

    Congratulations on launching Amplify My Podcast! I know you will be successful @Yoofi_Annan 🙌

    1. 1

      Thanks, @coachbowden.
      You have been amazing thus far with your invaluable advice. and support!! 🔥

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