I made $1186 USD in 24 hours from my first paid product!🤯

Hey guys,

I've been working on Community List for the past few weeks and decided to launch it on Product Hunt yesterday. The product is a database of hundreds of Communities to help makers and founders promote their product. I was expecting around $100 in sales and would've been happy with it. Instead, I got 10X which is freaking awesome. 🤯

Some stats

  • I ended the day with 225 upvotes
  • 38+ sales.
  • Lots of learnings on Copywriting, User segmenting, pricing strategies and Hook driven landing page design.
  • Understood what people pay for a little bit more

I was pretty nervous since this was my first paid product and the launch turned out to be fairly positive. I'm genuinely happy that people are buying something I've built and finding value from it.

What I think worked?

  • Building something valuable for the maker target market. Communities are a growing trend and resources are scarce on communities.
  • Going to war in the first 30 mins of PH launch I played Slayer throughout to hype myself up. Angel of death, raining blood, etc the whole playlist on shuffle. I barely have 230 followers on Twitter and 5 newsletter subscribers. My goal was to get to the front page of PH at any cost. 30 mins of telling everyone I know about my launch and asking for support.
  • People complimented my landing page a lot lol. I don't know if this helped too much on actual sales, but it's nice to hear given the ungodly time I spent on copy and design.

Product = What people pay for, and not what you build

As an Engineer, I feel a bit off working on simple products like an airtable and selling them. I like building products and attach value to the complexity. However I realized a carrd + airtable + gumroad combination with the right data can make a good product that adds value to users. I'm happy that this experience has increased my perspective.

This motivates me to build more paid products and push myself more. I'm building 1 Product/Mo and my goals is to build a SaaS soon and taste the sweet nectar of recurring revenue.

Thank you all for your support ♥. Give me a follow on twitter if you want to tag along!

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    Hi Sudharshan!

    I'm swamped right now but would love to be involved with one of your future "build a product in a month". I could start any time after July 20th - maybe I could do the August project with you?

    I'm a full stack developer with lots of SQL experience. I'm working on a low-code development library and would love to show it off by building one of your projects.


    1. 1

      Sounds good! Let's connect on twitter

  2. 2

    Congratulations man, it's going to be a fun journey!

  3. 1

    Congratulations on your successful launch and getting paying customers!

    Like you, I am a developer by trade and tend to get put off by selling simple products like an air table. Built a few complicated projects but failed to generate revenue.

    How did you validate and have users pay for the product?

    1. 2

      Thanks man

      Did almost no validation since I knew it would only take 1-2 weeks to build and launch. It's a simple quick project and I trusted my instinct that it would be valuable.

      Product = What people pay for, and not what you build -> gets me out of the build complex stuff mindset.

      1. 1

        cool, yea I should start build and ship it more often. Over thinking definitely prevents me from getting started

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