I made a Bootstrap 5 component library. Let me know what you think.

At the beginning of May Bootstrap announced the release of the latest stable version, v5. I must say it is a great update, and it makes this framework so much easier to work with. I've been using it since the beginning and it is still my favorite CSS tool.

This being said, I started to work on a component library for Bootstrap 5. I managed to create over 400 components and page examples, which you can try here. Some of them are free, some are premium, but I will try to bring as much as possible to the free version so that everyone can use them.

The other major aspect of our startup was the creation of a subscription-based model. We are among the first to introduce this new way of purchasing UI tools and, so far, the feedback was great, but I would like to know what you think.

Our mission is to create a platform where all developers can come and get the things they need to build high-quality applications and websites.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback. Here's the link: https://webpixels.io?ref=indiehackers

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    Impressive work done .Some quesions if you do not mind me asking:

    1. how long did you spent in creating those components?
    2. how big is your team?
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      Thanks for the questions @staticmaker.

      I spent a few months on the design and the actual coding. Also, we had a lot to do on our Webpixels website which was built from scratch. In total, I could say around 1 year.

      Currently, we are 3 people on the team, mainly with a focus on design and coding. Depending on how well this project goes, our objective is to bring a few more talented guys to help us develop some interesting features in the near future.

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        Wow. It's so inspiring. Good luck 🚀

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