May 28, 2019

I made a google sheet of all the 'link in bio' tools


You can edit with the link above. Feel free to add any other tools you like.

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    I was thinking of building something similar to these, but you killed my motivation lol. Maybe there is something that these products don't have..

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      If I were operating in this space, I would go find 10 instagram power users, and ask them if they are using a service like this.

      If they are, I would ask them what they don't like about their current service. If they are not, I would ask them why, and what are they doing instead.

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        That is a great advice, thanks. Btw what do you dislike about Linktree? :)

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    Just added my own tool there, WP Link Bio. Do you use Linktree Free or Pro?

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    Awesome list! I've been loving TapBio over the past year 👍

    What have you been using yourself?

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      I use Link.tree myself. What is your Instagram? I want to see someone using

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        LinkTree is easier to manage as you don't need to completely re-design the layout of the page if you make an update.

        My TapBio link is here: