Writing Feedback February 7, 2020

I made a start with content marketing, would love some feedback

Stephan @stephan85

To drive more traffic to my site, I decided to start with content marketing for Elastictable. My plan is to write two articles each week related to the problem that Elastictable is solving. I, however, have no experience at all with the writing of articles and I can use some honest feedback.

My first two articles:

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    @stephan85 Not bad at all, but these articles need to be tightened up. They are a little choppy. I would especially watch your tenses.

    When you write, before you edit, step away from the article for a few. Give your eyes a break. When you come back, you will catch things that represent correct information, but, perhaps, don't quite flow. Rinse and repeat this process until you have a piece of writing that is smooth as silk.

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      Thanks! Do you know by any chance if there is a service that can catch tense-errors? I used Grammarly and it did not complain about anything in the articles mentioned above.

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        TBH, I really don't know of any service that can do this. Partner up with a writer or run it past a few sets of eyes before you publish. 🙃

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    Have you tried doing a keyword research before writing these articles? You need to write content that people care about, first. Once you do your keyword research, you need to find out what people are actually searching for and need answers to. Then, you need to start writing long-form articles. I'd say 1.5k words each article should do it, segmented into different subheadlines. If you need help with on and off page SEO optimization, I'd be happy to help!

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