I made a tool to help you organize your hashtags

Hashtags are such a hassle.

For a while, I was using the same list of ~20+ repetitive hashtags on most of my Instagram posts. Then I read an article about how repetitive content is penalized by the Instagram algorithm. I realized I needed to re-think my hashtag strategy.

So I started using a spreadsheet to:
👉 keep track of hashtags
👉 organize hashtags into categories
👉 generate randomized hashtag sets to copy into my Instagram posts

Whenever I found a new hashtag that I liked, I would open up my Google sheet and enter it into the relevant category (column).

Through some formula wizardry, I generated different (unique) sets of hashtags from various categories, depending on the content of my post.

More and more hashtags were added to the sheet, which quickly ballooned into a behemoth of a mess.

So I decided to build something to make my life #easier. 😉

I wanted it to have a sleek interface that was simple and satisfying to use. And it needed to have all the functionality of my spreadsheet: adding, categorizing and copying unique sets of hashtags.

No more repetitive hashtags.

It's been my side-side project for the last few months and I am very excited to finally launch...Hashzag!

If you are a coder or creator who wants to focus on coding and creating rather than remembering which hashtags to use in your social media posts, you might like Hashzag. And if you do decide to try it out, I'd love your feedback. 🍻

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    Neat little idea! I'm going to share this with a few of my peeps who use Insta.

    I think the valuable problem you solve is #2:

    1. organizing hashtags
    2. repetitive content is penalized by Instagram algorithm

    Which would mean the value add is around "growing your following"

    It might be cool to you spin it around that at some point.

    It looks like you already built a hashtag generator for each category too!

    Instead of "Stop using spreadsheets to organize your social media hashtags."

    You could frame it around "Instagram penalizes repetitive hashtags. Auto-generate hashtags and grow your following faster."

    Btw, I know how it feels when someone just jumps in last minute and spews massive changes.

    I just dig the project and the hope this is this is helpful in some way. :-)

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      Ryland, thank you. It's so nice to get feedback, especially detailed, thoughtful feedback.

      Great suggestion to focus on the repetitive hashtag problem. I shall re-jig the value proposition on the Hashzag homepage. Please let me know if your friends have any other comments or feedback.

      Love your IH posts, btw, especially the email screenshots that you're sharing. Following you to see more :)

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        Of course! And will do, Amy. Thanks for the kind words on the IH posts. Hoping to get one out each day. So more to come!

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